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Justice for victims of false 498a cases

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You all will agree with me when I say that there is a natural empathy for a victim and especially for women. I am against any kind of atrocities towards women. But today, in this new world where there is less significance for values and crime becoming almost gender neutral, there are a set of gender biased laws that are being misused in the name of women empowerment.  IPC 498a was formulated by our law and government to protect the oppressed women to get over male dominated society. And today this is being completely abused by most of the women. This draconian law is being used as a weapon against men as a tool of extortion, Honourable supreme court has already passed across a commentary around this and termed it as "Legal Terrorism". 

I am Srinivas a very simple minded person with a 15 month beautiful daughter with an aspiration to lead a good family life. My wife has always been against my parents at all times though they don't stay with us. She is against me talking to them or being in contact with them in any form. Inspite of all my efforts to be with her in the way she wants, she has warned me of dire consequences in the light of the laws that are favoring women. She has raised a 498a against me and all my family members. Me including my aged parents had to suffer and be in the custody for all false charges. We had to face a lot of humiliation in the society and my ailing parents were hospitalized as this has taken toll on them physically and mentally. It is a near hell experience for some one who have never experienced police or court or prison. Though the supreme court has recommended for a process to be followed in these 498a cases, it is never followed by police as part of their investigation, reasons better known to them. 

I am not against the law that will protect the oppressed women but this certainly needs amendments in the light of it being abused and this fact being widely acknowledged.

Please refer to the below facts.

Under the hood of women empowerment, our own innocent mothers, sisters and aunts are being abused , becoming victims and falling prey. This law needs to be balanced in such a way that it can be less misused and the purpose of this law is strengthened.  I recommend that "Every false 498a case, post judgement (after proven false), should automatically attract a 3 month imprisonment sentence on the person/person(s) who pressed the false charges". This will instill a kind of thinking in some of the new world women before they attempt to implicate others on false charges/ grounds. It can be less used as a tool for extortion and create an environment to aid healthy reconciliation.  

Today its me and my family, tomorrow it can be your mother, your sister or your brother or your sister-in-law or your friend. Time to get balance in this draconian law before this becomes a cancer in the society and creates imbalances in the marriage institutions of India.

Help me to take this over to the right forum so that it can be discussed and debated further and right justice is provided to the victims of this law.

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