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There is a significant rise in the rapes happening in India. We do have laws for rapes but it seems like the criminals don't even care getting caught & ending up in jail.

Only a woman who has undergone such brutality understands the pain & disgrace that it beholds.

We all know Stricter Laws Against Rapists is necessary.

It can be effective only & only if implemented properly. Lawbreakers have always found a way to evade punishment. I agree that there are many woman & girls who are teased, assaulted or raped but they keep silent. They fear being, humiliated, blamed & finally expelled from the society specially in RURAL AREAS. 

Due to this, women are often afraid to seek legal assistance on this matter. Because of this the criminals commit the same crime over & over again.


Most of the women are judged by their dressing sense.....  According to many people women are raped because of wearing short dresses, but those who think so  need to know that most of the times victims are in salwar suits, kurti jeans ,means fully covered clothes.

Rather women should not be judged by what they wear. It is their right to make their own choices without society judging them. Nor this is an invitation on a red light for men to rape them, grope them, insunate sex or harass them  or verbally abuse them. Men that believe a woman is asking for it because of the Way She dresses is just a dumb and uneducated moronic Idiots with the backward mentality set in the Stone Age. Women are free  to make their own choices in the clothes and it is not the decision of others to dictate or decide what is considered appropriate in society .Women that enjoy wearing short skirts and crop tops have the right to do so for their own personal pleasure ,we do not need society approval and should not be judged because of our choices. I do not dictate to you how much alcohol you drink how many cigarettes you smoke or how you live your life ,choices you make. So don't judge a woman by what she is wear, we are free to decide what we wear. We are not prisoners or bound in chains . Women that dress provokingly  as one likes to word it, do not do it to invite some animal to rape them. She is not to blame. There is no excuse for RAPE. There never will be . Women are not here to answer to men with stone aged mentality and control issues or man that can't control their sexual desires. We don't have to look for anyone's approval on our dress code. Freedom of expression, freedom of choice. I live in a modern country not in the stone age.

Most of the girls are assaulted at least for one time, may be verbally or sexually.


A 3 year old girl child raped & murdered in the area of hastings..

There are many unknown rape cases, specially in rural areas.

Life time jail or hanging up is not the appropriate punishment for a rapist, as they don't even care.


* their legs and hands should be chopped off..

*After that life time jail


If this happens then only the rape percentage in India will decrease or else it will increase day by day. In Mahabharat also draupadi was harassed and the truth is , at that time there were pandavas but in this generation there are no pandavas.


I am signing this petition as I think this is a very serious issue and rape should be stopped. And I want to make India a developed country, not a developing country.

So I am requesting you all, to sign this petition .


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