Decision Maker Response

Prof M.V. Rajeev Gowda’s response

Apr 5, 2019 — Dear Supporters,

Namita Sood from Delhi has started a petition on the issue of air-pollution. I want to thank her and the signatories to her petition for reflecting on such a grave and severe issue.
In our manifesto, the Congress party recognises that air pollution is a pressingly urgent issue. Congress was the first Indian political party to acknowledge the consequences of Climate Change (Smt. Indira Gandhi in Stockholm on 14 June 1972).
It is a bitter truth that India’s environment has deteriorated. The 2018 Global Environmental Performance Index placed India at rank 177 out of 180 countries. The BJP Government has done virtually nothing in the last 5 years to arrest this decline.
Under the leadership of Shri Rahul Gandhi, the Indian National Congress firmly believes that air pollution is a national public health emergency. We will significantly strengthen the National Clean Air Programme in order to urgently tackle the problem of pollution. All major sources of emission will be targeted, mitigated and reduced to acceptable levels, and sectoral emission standards will be set. We will wage a war against air pollution in the interest of the wellbeing of our country.
You can read the full manifesto on
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Thank you
Prof MV Rajeev Gowda
Member of Parliament & Convenor, INC Manifesto Committee