Punish the guilty as per Supreme Court's order #NoMoreDelays #JusticeForNirbhaya

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Chandra Ayyasamy
Chandra Ayyasamy signed this petition

I am the mother of the person that our nation remembers as Nirbhaya.

Before being called #IndiasDaughter, she was my child. A daughter who was snatched away from me 7 years ago. And while I wait desperately for justice, 4 brutes in Hyderabad have snatched another daughter from her family. Only I know what the Hyderabad veterinarian’s mother is going through.

Both our daughters were young. Both joined the medical profession to serve society. Both were targeted by men who think they can get away with such brutal acts.

And now as I hear the outrage growing once again, I hear the same promises of “speedy justice”. What speedy justice are we talking about? Despite the Supreme Court passing its judgment, which I welcomed, Nirbhaya’s case is just dragging on and on. I have waited with patience and dignity for justice. On this 16th December, it will be 7 years since my child became the victim of a most heinous crime.

I have run out of patience. Millions of Indians are tired of waiting to see the criminals brought to justice. Many of them write to me and stop me in the street to express their solidarity.

Sign my petition requesting our Prime Minister to intervene and speed up the delivery of justice in the Nirbhaya case. And to set a timeframe for fast-track trials for deciding cases of crimes against women.

Every day we wait, 132 more rapes take place. In the first six months of 2019, over 24,000 rape cases were reported. 1.5 lakh accused are still under trial.

If we want to erase the tag of being an “unsafe nation” for women where pre-meditated rape, brutality and murder are becoming the dangerous norm, then we must deliver justice to Nirbhaya.

The way the case is dragging on is setting a bad example for those who are openly committing such crimes fearlessly.

I need justice. We, as a nation, need closure.

Sign my petition to show our government that a billion people are waiting for justice.

Jai Hind!