Free Transport For Migrants To Return Home Safely

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The plight of thousands of migrant workers walking home has been seen by everyone. Earlier they walked on the highways but when police kept harassing them, they took to walking along railway tracks. This has resulted in the inevitable tragedy of a train running over 16 people last week. Sign my petiton

Have we, as a society, become so heartless that no one seems disturbed by this misery that has fallen on thousands of our fellow country people?

While concerned citizens and civil society organizations are doing whatever they can, the problem is so big that such individuals/groups can make very little difference. The governments, both central and States, have to step in and fulfill their most fundamental protect the lives and well-being of citizens of the country.

Therefore, we call upon the Prime Minister, all Chief Ministers, all Members of Parliament (MPs), and all members of various State Assemblies (MLAs)  to step up, ignoring all political considerations, and ensure that all returning migrants get home safely. Sign and share my petition today.