Cancel exams 2022

Cancel exams 2022

6 February 2022
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Minister of Education
Govt. Of India

Subject:- Regarding cancellation of 2022 examinations.

Respected Sir/Mam

This is regarding the 2022 examination and peer pressure on students. We are students community. You know it well of the situation caused by outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 through out our country. There were alot of deaths to be seen, many students also lost their loved ones. It has not only affected us physically but also mentally.
On other hand,we facing lots of problems regarding our studies and examination. Its not just concern of one students but of thousands and lacs of them. We only had online classes for two years approximately. We are not provided sufficient time to prepare for exams and online classes were not taken seriously by teachers. Teachers used to taunt students by saying you were taught this stuff last year and just brush us off when we ask something.
This is not the behaviour we want in studies, you very well know that good behaviour attracts children. But when you give us that attitude, we not only lose interest in that subject but also our mentality is affected.

Depression, anxiety, mental illnesses are real, students are committing suicide due to pressure on them but no one is listening to us. We are suffering, we are crying but none to hear us. You are our only solution.

They opened schools is high cases but Closes in low cases,do you think it's fair? It's not fair to us students at all.
We also have practical exams in mid February because we didnt even start our practical and had to prepare for exams beforehand, we dont know what to do in practicals. Neither we are provided proper equipments.

Teacher just finishes whole lesson in 1 or 1.5 day, is that humanly possible to finish two or three chapters in just less amount of time? On other hand online classes were interrupted due to network issues. It's like do or die situation. Our syllabus is yet not completed they are rushing the whole syllabus , we are not getting a thing like that.

We know that government takes their meetings online but why our exams offline? Either take it online or just cancel it. We are treated very unfairly .

Please look further into this method and think about this rationally by thinking how it effects us. It's just a matter of time, by march, new wave will strike am do dont think any of us is ready yet to give exams with this much of mental pressure. Please cancel exams for 9th to 12th.

Sir/ Mam, in last we kindly request you with folded hands to cancel our examinations after seeing our problems and the situation we are in right now.
Thank you
With regards
Students community from all over india

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Signatures: 43Next Goal: 50
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