Taxpayer will have free Medical & education for his family in any school or college

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Dear PM Sir

We are honest taxpayers of India and our money is used in most of the constructive purpose to build our nation. But we are still suffering and not get benifited out of that and people who are not paying the tax are enjoying on our hard earned money.

So we want that taxpayer will have free Medical & education for his family in any school or college of India.

Out of the 125 crore population, only 1.5% i.e. 1.9 crore pay income tax in India as of report disclosed somewhere around Feb, 2017 which certainly rose to just more than 2.2% for the Financial Year end 2016-17.

The 3% figure is for people filing there returns out of which around a percent don't pay taxes and are below the basic exemption limit. Still they file the return which is undoubtedly appreciable. But that's only a percent. This means only around 2% of the population is the source of revenue for the government.

The Modi Government has undoubtedly tried their best to bring more taxpayers under the purview. But, we might have seen a growth in the number of people filing returns but still there was a decrease in the number of people paying taxes.

As a honest tax payer we want that government should give medical facilities for him and his family so that taxpayer will be worries free from medical expenses in any hospital of India. Yes this medical cover will limit to min 10 time of tax paid by taxpayers Same way education fee exemption should also have a limit atleast 10% of total tax paid by taxpayer.

Please support for this and let ask our government to think for honest people of India.