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These 2 simple Regulations can stop the problem of Defection in Political parties

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In every Indian election in the recent past we have seen many candidates fighting with the backing and ideology of one party and then abandoning that party to join another.

Why do they do that? Obviously for money or for power, but thats not the issue. Lets grant that "freedom of expression and choice" to these "leaders".

Now an analogy: during the World Cup or the Olympics, how come we don't see mayhem created with players being bought by rival countries? Thats because there are simple and extremely logical laws that govern sports where a player cannot take all the training from one country and a week before the olympics jump to another country. The two simple rules that keep all the mayhem away are: Firstly, you need to be a Citizen of that country you want to play for and Secondly: If you change your country of representation then you need to wait for 3 years since you last represented the earlier country. This makes sense for all stakeholders. Nations are not cheated by might of money. Public is not cheated of their emotions and passion behind the sportsmen and sports. Players are not cheated because they know the rules and can choose wisely.

Why not apply the same logic to Politics? Only 2 rules will clean up this whole mess that is constantly happening these days. 

Rule 1: If you leave a party to join another one, then you simply wait out for 6 months at least before you can legally be a part of the other party. Its a cooling-off period so that you can think about your decision.

Rule 2: If you have won elections as a part of any one party, then if you abandon that party, you forfeit the seat as well (and that seat would go up for re-election). This is because the people's mandate for choosing you as their leader is not for you alone as a person, but also for the ideologies that your party subscribes to.

This too will make sense for all stakeholders. Democracy will not be made a mockery of through might of money. Public is not cheated of their belief and passion behind the candidate. Candidates are not cheated because they know the rules and will learn to choose wisely. 

There are surely many other wrongs in the election system that can be improved, but since its best to go step by step, this petition has a simple 2-step process for cleaning up at lest one current evil within our nation.

Jai Hind


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