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Increasing Quanity of Engineer and decreasing their Quality,respect and job opportunity

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A Fresher Mechanical Engineer is forced to work for free / very low wages by many small company as they are many in number. And they are having competition among the Engineers to work for free and if 2-3 year experienced one agree to work at low wages, they neglect the fresher.
In many of the Multinational companies also somewhat different type of marketing is going on like apprentice is provided, they organise a drive but most of seats are given to the person by contacts and adjustments, only and knowledgeable students are left behind.
Why there is no one such CENTRALISED WEBSITE or CENTRALISED NEWSPAPER (Govt. Website) where every company should compulsorily post about dates and exam of their apprentice Progam or drive?
Every drive should be separately for the experienced one or For fresher...
Every Company should have first level online exam so that candidates should be selected unbaised...
Then only every Engineer would be respected as a Engineer. I'm Fresher Engineer but regretful to say that I don't feel myself as an educated person even though I have quite good knowledge of My field and proud to be a Mechanical Engineer.
I'm saying this all because I'm searching either job or apprentice in reputated company since 7-8 months and 2 private companies, even there are Thousands of companies here in Pune. Every company asks for experience, but Why don't they understand if fresher is not allowed to learn and work, how they will get the experienced one in future.

There are many government options 5-10. But Why MNC's are not open to general public not even for apprentice?? Why?? Or Do the Persons having relation or contacts are only eligible for job not others who study regularly to get some good package???



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