Pension for NVS Employees

Pension for NVS Employees

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Started by Santosh Kondaguli

Dear Friends,
I am Santosh G K, 1992-99 Batch, JNV Almatti, Vijayapura District, Karnataka
Recently I was very happy to meet one of my Navodayan Teacher after long time.
While in the discussion Sir revealed one hard truth of their profession which is not a good thing on their part- No JNV employee is eligible for Government Pension Scheme. Some other points added in the discussion,
1. All KV school employees comes under pension scheme except JNV Employees.
2. In this regard, they tried to reach till Supreme Court and it was almost positive outcome but finally somehow the court also rejected their appeal and they lost hopes. This happened ten years back.
3. They tried to reach every administration and political corner now and then but they were unable to convince anybody and still they are continuing their efforts.
4. The most important thing that hurt me a lot is, the conditions of few retired people who are in the situation of begging to lead their life. Some examples like,
i) One sold their house for medical needs,
ii) Another running some small petty/pan shops and
iii) There are thousands of such examples on the situation of our retired senior Teachers and staff of NVS.
5. Many other current employees are not even eligible to claim under PM-NPS (National Pension Scheme) also.

6. There are hardly around 20000 employees all around NVS

Now, what we can do on this big issue?
1. We Navodayans are always proud and show our gratitude towards our school.
2. Many of us are in top Government profiles
3. Let's all try to add our voice to the team of JNV Employees family so that the voice again reach back to NVS, MHRD, Department of Financial Committee-GoI and Prime Minister. Let them consider & initiate the process of implementing pension scheme to all our beloved teachers and other staffs of JNV family.

4. Spread and forward this message to all your known groups/circles of social & news media.
5. Let the voice shall rise high until it fulfill the purpose.

Thanks in Advance with Regards,
Santosh G K

3,477 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!