Nationality/PIO to Hindu/Sikh Refugee from Pakistan and Bangaladesh

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Mr Prime Minister (Narendra Modi), 

This is to bring your kind notice, a prolong- neglected and painful issue of Pak-Bangla Hindu/Sikh migrants/refugees, that, the ever increasing trends of religious fundamentalism and terrorism in Pakistan/Bangaladesh have made the minorities more vulnerable to be easily victimized of religious persecution thus are frightened and continue fleeing outside to save their lives. The Hindus/Sikhs in Pakistan are particularly made soft target and victim of atrocities included forcible conversion to Islam, kidnapping/forcible conversion and force marriages of young Hindu girls, kidnapping and rapes of Hindu women, kidnapping for ransom, violence/harassment by law enforcement agencies, murders of Hindus and various other criminalized tactics are also being used against Hindu minority in Pakistan. Thus, the marginalized Hindu/Sikh minorities of Pakistan prefer migrating to India seeking it as their spiritual home Mainly the Hindus have had last resort been migrating overwhelmingly since last two decades to be settled in their neighboring desert of Rajasthan/India where they claim their ancestral roots and kinship, similar culture & language as well as spiritual & religious freedom, also resembling ecology and livelihood patterns etcetera. 

Demand From Hindu Mahasabha for Hindu/Sikh Refugee

1) Give them PIO (Person of Indian Origin Card) within 30 Day of Arrival.

2) Friendly and Warm administration process for Pak Hindu/Sikh Refugee

3) Provide them Shelter for 180 Days atleast, Most of refugee are Homeless

4) Special Ministry for Hindu/Sikh Refugee. 

Hindu Mahasabha of America