Let's Help Support Local Business/NGO During Covid-19 Lock Down

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Dear PM and CM Sir,

We appreciate the emergency steps taken by you in an effort to prevent and eradicate the pandemic of Covid-19. We also support the measures taken by the authorities in this regard and appreciate the involvement of healthcare professionals and the administration too.

In lieu of Nation wide emergency we have few genuine concerns.

You have declared a complete lockdown / curfew  till 14th April  and are requesting all of us  to keep our offices, Shops & Factories closed till then or for even longer.

You are also urging us to show sympathy towards the needful employees and pay everyone without any deductions/ leaves.

We just wish to enquire and understand as to what are you thinking or have planned about our community, i.e.  the OWNERS of these businesses / service industries / shops / NGO factories etc.  

The closure has been announced & the businesses are on a total standstill... How do you expect us to survive? As the salaries are on, electricity bills are on, taxation is on, bank interest is on, GST is on, house tax is on, rentals are on and so on.

There is no relief for us at all....On the other hand on humanitarian grounds we can not just cut off the wages of our employees or people dependent on us. In fact, we have gone out off the way to provide relief and take care of the basic necessities of our employees.

We don’t mind sitting at home till 30th April also, provided some of these expenses are waived off.

We are Reawakening Wellness Foundation which is a self sustaining; self managed organization working in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from the disease of alcoholism and substance abuse. We have been in serving the nation in this noble cause since the past decade. We believe that addiction is a disease and it is not a stigma. We believe in rehabilitating or patients into a fully functional socially responsible human being.

The government is not ready to compromise or let go on any front  or  offer any doles to the business men and are just expecting the business houses to bear all the expenses with their  businesses shut..???

 Is this really fair? Does this Act of God provide no relief for us. We need WAIVERS for above for at least 6 months or more.

We are ready and willing to come out in every measure by the Government Authorities in the management and relief during this Act of God. We just need the support regarding the above from your side.




Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India