Stranded Indian citizens who are in Australia wants to go back home. We plead for support

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There are thousands of Indians stranded and helpless in Australia as there is a complete lockdown due to Coronavirus. For some of our brothers and sisters staying in a stranger country with no family is hard, having constant fear in mind, uncertainty of food and health is not only creating physical but mental torture as well for both ‘the families and the people stranded’. 
Many countries have started  repatriation flights, Australia is supporting their citizen, they are allowing their citizens to come back even if they need to book private charter so why not India. If Indian government cannot arrange a repatriation flights then at-least allow the privately hired charter or flights to land, we can help our self we just need a permission to land.

India being the only country who has imposed an international ban on flights which includes Indian citizens and residents too, leaving no options and hope for Indians to come back. Indian tourists, students or anybody stranded urgently needs help of Indian Government as the Australian government can’t do anything for us, until and unless Indian government pushes it. Until today Australian government is supporting stranded Indians, they are trying there best to help us here but what about India?

Its looks impossible to all stranded Indians here to go back home because of International Ban of flights by India for everybody. There are no direct flights, even if you arrange a private charter they is no authorisation to land. Wherever it goes by transit, that nation has put another lockdown or emergency. Its moral duty of India to accept their citizens. I plead the Indian Government to evacuate stranded Indian citizens, please help and support stranded Indians from as soon as possible without taking weeks for a decision. 

We also need information from govt, ideally via email confirming about the flights. Because there are uncertainty about flights. Many people are buying these flights, blowing their budgets with no guarantees. Flight companies are not charging any cancellation fees but they are charging the fare difference, which is hitting hard financially specially to stranded India who are either student or visitor in Australia.

We really need your help, our brother and sisters from India want to stay with their families and loved ones in this emergency and crises. 

We need as much support as we can from our Indian community here in Australia and our Australian family. I urge and request our Australian community and South Asian community to help and support stranded Indians who wants to go back.

There are many voices I have heard via running my campaign, people on visitor visa, people on temporary visa (489/491/bridging visa's), student visa there are a lot of stories to share. Heard people upset and distressed over phone. Even if their is travel restriction Australian government should step up and support them. 

Please support those stranded people.


If you want to travel back to India and stranded here in Australia, please click and  fill up this below mention link, we need to record how many of our brothers and sisters from India is stuck here in Australia.

Best Regards,

Prashant Pandey

Common Indian man in Australia.