Homoeopathy treatment for COVID19

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Respected Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modiji,
In these most trying circumstances where our nation is treading through a highly critical phase of containing the COVID-19 pandemic, we, the practitioners of Homeopathy, stand in solidarity with the efforts of the Government in the decisive war against COVID-19. We/I also express our sincere appreciations for the tremendous efforts being undertaken towards 'breaking the chain'.
2. India, fortunately, is endowed with rich heritage of a variety of medical systems which, under the umbrella of AYUSH, have been serving the people of India with greater vigour and enthusiasm since the constitution of the Ministry of AYUSH. The several centres of research and excellence in AYUSH established in our country have enabled systematic, thorough and progressive study and research of these time-tested systems of medicine so much so that now we can boast of continuous supply of quality AYUSH professionals who are passionately involved equally in healthcare and research, expanding the reach of AYUSH quantitatively and qualitatively. The synergy with which AYUSH and modern medicine worked during the outbreak of dengue in 2017 and contained its spread is a shining example for the benefit of integrated community healthcare. Thanks to the Governments that enabled such synergies, our healthcare infrastructure could rise as one and effectively overcome the challenge. AYUSH played a vital role in both prevention and care, arresting the progress of spread in communities and preventing aggravation of infection in persons, thereby reducing the burden on modern medicine and its resources.
3. Now we are faced with another challenge, a much bigger challenge. But then, with a more experienced healthcare infrastructure and an integrated arsenal of systems of medicines, we are only better placed to take on the challenge head on and to the finish. It is in this regard that we, as practitioners of Homeopathy, would like to emphasize the urgent need to implement on war footing the Homoeopathy prophylaxis suggested by the AYUSH Ministry and to include Homoeopathy also to the first line of treatment of COVID19 pandemic having all other management and preventive measures in strict adherence.
4. In view of the hastening pace of its spread globally and the possible escalation in its virulence given its tendency for mutations, we feel it is our bounden duty to join in and strengthen our healthcare machinery and ensure safety of the lives of our people.
5. The reasons widely stated for mortality by health officials are
i. Poor immunity ii. Co-morbidities iii. No medicine or vaccine available at the moment.

6. In such a situation, adopting an integrated approach to healthcare involving AYUSH with the modern medicine will increase our odds of tackling quick progression of both spread and intensity.
7. As practitioners of Homoeopathy system of medicine for over 30 years now, we would like to submit to your kind self that Homoeopathic system of medicine being a “holistic medical science” that aims at treating “the patient as a whole” will be advantageous to use in the present circumstances. In Homoeopathy, the chosen medicine is expected to cure the patient as a whole by enhancing her body immunity. This is achieved by a “single simple medicine” which covers the symptomatology of all the diseases that the patient is suffering at that particular time, a method called “Individualisation”. This is a time-tested protocol which is based on “Nature’s law of cure”, which was promulgated by the founder Dr Hahnemann himself.
8. This may be a newer challenge and we may have hesitations over the effectiveness of our lines of defense. But that should not lead us to limit our options, lose belief in our ages- old wisdom of handling illnesses, remove by our own hands from our arsenal some time-tested weapons that have served well in equally untested waters.
9. Therefore, it is our sincere request that there be no hesitation or limitation in involving every system of medicine to participate in the mitigation of this pandemic. We would like to draw your kind attention to the advisory issued by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government. of India., dt.06.03.2020 vide D.O. No. S16030/18/2019-NAM. This is being implemented by some state governments, central government bodies like CCRH, public sector and selective private sectors. Relevant copies are enclosed herewith for your kind reference. The above attempt to distribute Homoeopathic immunity boosting preventive medicine has given a ray of hope among the hopeless in this time of crisis. Any improvement in the immune response of individuals will go a long way in slowing down the intensity of spread and even lower the risks in high-risk category people.
10. Hence, it will be highly beneficial for the public if
10.1 all the states and union territories are encouraged to implement the AYUSH Ministry guidelines to provide Homoeopathic medicine for prophylaxis and
10.2 adopt curative treatment in COVID19 positive patients together with all other management protocols.
11. We have also attached scientific papers and proceedings of recently concluded International conference on Homoeo prophylaxis, held in the month of January this year in New Delhi. When no medical science is complete to handle this health crisis, an “integrated approach” to healthcare is the need of the hour. Let us leave no leaf unturned and use every system of medicine to combat the pandemic and restore our country to safety. We would like to humbly assert that use of Homoeopathy based on individualisation will give us a clear advantage in this situation.
12. Therefore, we shall be very grateful if you kindly consider this proposal for the betterment of the community health at large and kindly permit us use our knowledge to save lives.
Thanking you, sir.
Yours faithfully,
Dr B Dhana Lakshmi BHMS, MD(Homoeopathy) Reg. No. CCH 1117, Pondicherry Dr K S Srinivasan, Homeopath. Reg. No. 130, Chennai

1. Advisory dated 06.03.2020 as issued by AYUSH Ministry, Government of India, vide D.O. No. S. 16030/18/2019 - NAM
2. Government of Kerala : Homeopathy Prophylaxis Survey form
3. Circular dated 04.03.2020, as issued by the High Court of Telangana, Hyderabad. 4. Circular dated 19.03.2020, issued by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd to distribute Homoeopathy preventive medicine.
5. Circular dt.13.3.2020 by South Railway to distribute Homoeopathy prophylaxis to the employees.
6. Govt of Manipur Directorate of Ayush order dt. 30.1.2020 to enforce Ayush ministry guidelines of distribution of Ars Alb30 as Homoeopathy preventive medicine for COVID19
7. LMHI Communication regarding coronavirus epidemic, dated 18.03.2020.
8. Proceedings of International Conference on Homoeopathy Prophylaxis, New Delhi, Jan 2020.
9. Flyer on Homoeopathic Preventive Intervention issued by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India
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8_Intl Conf-Homoeoprophylaxis-2020.pdf