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There was a time in India when the lack of opportunities and financial inability of a person had a close relation with his cast and creed, but gone are those day. And So the cast based reservation system (quota system) should be dissolved too. Providing reservation to a person on the basis of his caste is no more a suitable criterion for such benefits as financial status has broken these caste bars.

We believe that the reservation system is depriving the really needy the opportunity they deserve while that opportunity is served to the already rewarded. This system is paralyzing our education system while doing nothing for the really deprived section.

Every student dreams to become an engineer, doctor, etc, works hard for it, but fails to get admission despite good marks, and another student with a SC/ST/OBC certificate gets admission despite scoring about half the marks.

Result: A hard working meritorious student fails because someone's caste certificate overpowered his merit certificate. His dreams shattered , his hard work demeaned and he loses his ability to dream anything big in life, all the sacrifices what the student made during the preparation goes in vain.

Even the reserved category individuals accept that the system has been corrupted but they avail its benefit although not required because all the others are enjoying it.
Meanwhile thousands of deserving general students are falling a pray to this system and are left option-less with an obscene future. Moreover this is becoming one of the most sort out reason for young minds to leave the country.

I have witnessed that this topic has long been into discussion but never taken into account in a practical manner. It's high time we take it to its next step and make our voices heard. Hence, we demand that this system be abolished.

And instead a new system be placed into effect which takes into consideration the financial status and opportunities/benefits availed by the individual.


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