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Change language of 'Sex Worker' to 'Prostituted Woman'

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I pledge to create a world in which no girl or woman is bought or sold.

I demand of Indian Prime Minister Modi and Minister for Women and Children Maneka Gandhi to increase investment in the basic needs of the last girl- food, clothing, shelter, health, and safety and enact laws that punish her pimps, traffickers and rapists.

There are 1.4 million women and girls trapped in sexual slavery in India between the ages of nine and thirteen. They are poor, female, low caste in India, Black in the United States, Indigenous in many parts of the world, refugees in some and teenagers everywhere. They are the most vulnerable of human beings-the Last Girl.

I ask India to remove the term "sex-worker ' that has informally crept into many documents. The prostitution of the Last Girl is an absence of choice. Not a Choice. The exploitation of the Last Girl should not be cloaked as 'work' just because she is low-caste, Black or indigenous. We should not accept her prostitution as inevitable. We demand dignified livelihoods for all.

In sisterhood, today and everyday,

Tinku, Ruchira and the Apne Aap team

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