120th among 131 nations in women workforce !!!! Let's help India take a big leap now.

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Every person in this world is the gift of a woman to nature. While women have been gifting us since ages, why can't we all take a stand and gift them their dreams, their happiness, their independence. I'm personally surrounded with women who have long back buried their aspirations in their heart and made their lives a compromise for their families, and I'm pretty sure the story is no different for others. But with time it's getting difficult for me to understand whether this stereotype is ever going to end. By stereotype I mean, the image of women in our minds - epitome of sacrifice. We all were born equal then why a particular gender needs to compromise in every phase of life for another gender. It's time to give back. It's time to reciprocate all the sacrifices made and to show women that they deserve if not better, an equal position in society. India as a country has been rising lately and my pride for it is enhancing day by day, but this news honestly disheartened me. 120th in the world...this is not a symbol of a rising country. All over the world India is popular because of it's traditions , culture, respect to women. But are we actually a cultured country, do we actually respect women or it's just a mask before the whole world. My request to true Indians today is, let women grow. Since the birth of a girl child, parents juggle with multiple thoughts in their minds. I would request all parents to stop discriminating. Be proud to be parenting this gender, because of which this life exists. I would here also mention that India has changed a lot in it's mindset. Women empowerment is at least being talked about. People have gradually started realizing that women are the core part of a society. But is mindset change really helping? We all think and we speak. Who's going to Act ?

I sincerely wish that I could see an enhanced women workforce in India. As surrounded in my personal space , by my mother, my sister, my niece etc, I would love to be surrounded by women in my professional space. They give me courage, they showcase extreme balance and calmness in life. Let's make this society strong. Let Women Grow, Let Women Work. 

Who stands for WOMEN, if not WE ?