Home buyer to Amrapali group -40000 buyer awaiting for house and paying EMI for no reason

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 Amrapali group for home buyer  has become really challenge and pain  -there are 40000 buyer who are awaiting for their House / Flat and they are paying to Banks on EMI's since  many years.

Till now  nothing is happening on ground and people are going through frustration & financial crisis for paying money to Builders and Banks for the house /flats for which they are awaiting since  many years .

People are on financial loss because one side they are paying rent other side they are paying Loan EMI which is making unnecessary burden and bringing their  family to very bad situation and ending  up on paying to banks because loan is taken from the banks and bank can not ask builder to pay and all flat owner has to pay to banks only otherwise banks can go legal for not paying Loan EMI's . 

Is this  justice to people ? who have not got their house and paying for no reason to banks  on behalf of  builders for those flats which are not build or not handed over and people are paying since years .

Like me there many Flat /House owner who are nearly 1000  have invested in one of project of Amrapali O2 Valley  and have paid 95% amount to builder through banks and paying Loan EMI's regularly without no reason . 

Request please support  so govt & court can help these buyers to have refund or handover their flat /house asap .