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Doctor's negligence while conducting bile duct ERCP of a high diabetic

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Doctors are no longer life savers but commercialised agents who no longer care for a patient's vitals but his latest itemised  bill. the bigger the amount on it the better. 

It started  with my father getting admitted to Fortis kolkata at Anandpur and DR. Amit Ray of internal medicine started the treatment. He was only admitted for a 2nd opinion about his gall bladder stones. Whether a surgery needs to be done or not. 

Dr Amit Ray started off  with his treatmrnt but over phone through junior doctors. he came to see  my father after 2 days of admission. I would repeatedly call Dr Ray and ask him to be a little careful as he is a high diabetic patient along with high BP and hypertension and diabetic neuropathy. But Dr Ray was very casual with the treatment. He suggested us to go for an ERCP provedure to clear stones in the bile duct. apparently a bile duct should not be touched of a high diabetic individual. But we got to know about this after my father expired. my mother was stuck in traffic on her way to hospital to give consent for the  procedure of the bile duct so the nurses signed themselves and the gastro surgeon condicted the procedure and when my mother reached the hospital, everything was done. 

The next day my father was okay but that same night he vomitted everything and felt pained and immediately he was shifted to ICCU and we received calls from the blood bank to arrange for blood. we called DR Ray and he said my father is suffering from septicemia and the chances of survival are rare. he stayed in the ICCU for 6 days and was soon shifted to normal ward saying he is recuperating but visibly my father had reduced  to bones and looking like a Lab skeleton. It was traimatic for  us to see him tht way. 

he stayed in the normal ward for 3 more days and complained that the nurses and  doctors are apparently not listening to his problems and just asking him to shut up. 

and on the night of 3rd januray (3rd day as he was shifted to normal ward from iccu on 31st) , my father expired through a cardiac and our driver was with him that night  and our driver said the nurses gave him some injection after which his body reacted badly with sudden jerks and he passed out. 

we have not been told in detail yet why all this happened. 

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