Suspension of fire officer BOOTH after Tommy Robinson post

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Statement from fire officer  “Well after 22 years in the fire service as a firefighter for Nottinghamshire, yesterday I had a phone call from the fire service saying that I’ve been suspended from duty with immediate effect and I had to hand in my on call alerter and photo I.D card. On asking for what reason this was happening I was told I was going to be investigated on some of the content I had recently put on Facebook.
The only things that I had recently put on Facebook was regarding Tommy Robinson and how I think it’s disgusting that he’s been arrested and locked up and the dirty Muslim peado’s / Rapists / child molesters that he was reporting on at the time have been bailed and will no doubt get away with it. Freedom of speech in this country has definitely been taken away and in years to come hopefully all the do gooders and lefties will look back and realise what a huge mistake they’ve made but it will be too late by then.
Since yesterday mornings phone call from them I have since handed my notice in at the fire service.
From now on I will say what I feel is right, and do what I can for this country even if the PC twats in the fire service want to carry on in their blinkered little worlds pretending everything is ok.
Trust me everything is NOT ok.
Firefighter Booth, Signing off !”

This just sums up the way this country is going people willing and have rights to express their dismay at the authorities are getting spconstantly penalised. Please sign and share.