Scomo, Support the Hospitality Industry!

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For small business owners in the hospitality industry across Australia, the corona virus stimulus package is vastly inadequate. Many of us get by on low profit margins as it is, and despite putting our hearts and souls into our work every day and creating a cafe and restaurant culture that has Australia punching above its weight internationally, most of us simply don’t earn enough to create a savings buffer that our businesses can survive on. Most of us are not Neil Perry, Shannon Bennett, or, god forbid, George Columbaris; we’re just getting by day to day and we mostly do it for love. 

And unlike in office jobs, we can’t work from home. Our staff - many of whom are casual and rely on us for work, and whom we think of as family - can’t make lattes, prep ingredients, or take your order remotely. We don’t have that luxury. We’re at risk every day. The uncertain nature of this pandemic, and the need for safety and social distancing, means our income is drastically reduced and many of us will face closure, bankruptcy, and job loss. 

We are calling on the Morrison government to do more to help our businesses survive this unprecedented pandemic, and to bring in hospitality specific measures to enable us to continue to pay our rent, feed our families, and survive this trying time. The stimulus package announced on March 12 just isn’t enough. We need the Finance Minister to commit to subsidising our rent. Suspending tax payments. Ensuring that delivery services suspend or significantly reduce their delivery fees. Cutting postage fees for online orders. Educating consumers and encouraging them to spend with us in ways that are safe for everybody. Making sure that if, or when, we’re ordered to close like the cafes of Paris because this virus has gotten out of hand and you didn’t do more to stop it sooner, you make sure we can afford to reopen. 

Scomo, we bet you love a good flat white. Help us keep the simple Australian dream of a good weekend brunch alive, and commit to supporting the hospitality sector.