Stop Court Order Scams, Illegal Evictions and Child Abuse

Stop Court Order Scams, Illegal Evictions and Child Abuse

31 December 2014
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Nick Goodwin (Chief Executive at Her Majesty Courts and Tribunal Service and MOJ) and 6 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anthony Badaloo

                                  ***   Stop Illegal Homelessness  ***

Several Million YouTube hits, have been attained in this campaign for a   Public Inquiry, being commanded by the people, into Illegal Homelessness in a massive COURT ORDER SCAM, using the name of Her Majesty The Queen (HMCTS).

The evidence verifies, that public officials, from the local authority, police, and court staff, collude on these falsified Court Orders, leaving the victims nowhere to turn in a Pyramid of Terror.

As they routinely throw vulnerable people on to the streets, creating wanton Homelessness.

Illegal Bailiffs, are being forced into crime, by "RESPECTABLE" bosses, stealing billions to feed their offshore coffers. They claim to have authority (COURT INSTRUMENTS)  ISSUED BY THE COURT, when they do not. As local Courts have been infiltrated by a Criminal Cartel, as reported by the Independent.

They are mass stealing our Homes, Savings, Businesses, Cars and even Children (HSBCC). Terrorising the public, with falsified Court Proceedings and Fake Warrants.  Routinely getting assistance from compromised Criminal Cops.

YOU and your family, are more than 90% likely the victim of the above, and YOU have no viable route to getting a remedy through the no merit Courts nor the Police. Send this link to your  your MP, or it will happen again, and again, until WE put an end to the Court Order Scam.

British Judges were blanket ruling in favour of fraudulent bankers on  PPI, and WINDRUSH false deportation Orders for decades. Now we know they were only assisting a Criminal Cartel to steal from hard working men, women AND THEIR FAMILIES. This meets the legal definition of Rape and Enslavement.

No Heart, no soul, no Moral Compass.

PPI #Compensation and #Windrush have proven, that restitution can be swiftly and powerfully obtained, when the public wakes up.

This Court Order scam, is a PPI on steroids in the making, and Noel Edmond's win demonstrates, that FUNDING IS COMING INTO THE FIGHT..

As a  successful Accountant,  Financial Adviser and Trading Standards Practioner of three decades, running Church Hill Finance,  winning many awards for my work and community efforts, this #COURT #ORDER #SCAM has only been brought to my attention in a personal capacity.

We paid off our Mortgage and requested figures from Neil Eccles and Hamish Kean of our  FCA Regulated bank  Kleinwort Benson (Channel Islands) Ltd  (Now changed name  Kleinwort Hambros, but FCA number remains the same !!!).

Myself and family, like many others, are being the subject of Terror and Hate Crime, without any lawful foundation. The fact that they were bankers to Hitler, of Nazzi Germany, was concealed from us, and Ex England Football Manager Glen Hoddle has confessed, that he was scammed by them too.

David John Wood, Kenneth Warby + Kevin Mcnally (of The Sherriffs are Coming on BBC), Manoj Gondhia and Joseph Papworth , claim, that they are County Court Bailiffs, with authentic Court Proceedings, that they are proprietors, and my family and I are squatters, in our own matrimonial home, backed up by the Criminal Cops, against all the documentary evidence.

Upon a Secretary of State for Justice (David Lidington) Inquiry, the staff at Barnet County Court (Barbara Mortimer), has affirmed in writing on 16th January 2018, that there is no Judgement (CCJ) against me (nor my family members) in case No.  3BT01335 , which was never ISSUED BY THE COURT  and not even a fee paid for the proceedings.   And the N49 sham document provided by the gang, is not a court instrument at all, but a #Counterfeit #Warrant, downloaded off the internet, with a fake court stamp built in - Yep, this is not a typing error.

s.135 of the County Court Act 1984, stipulates that making false claims to Court  Authority, carries up to seven years imprisonment, per item. And with over a HUNDRED fake "WARRANTS" used to justify violence, theft and child abuse against our family, means seven hundred years imprisonment, is due to be dished out to the perpetrators, which Dame Cressida Dick (Commissioner), stated in writing, is a #Civil #Matter

The police constables, take part in the raids, with the false excuse of keeping the peace. When their true intentions, is to ensure the criminal raid, succeeds in favour of the proven criminals, for their own private motives and gains.

Then comes the CIVIL MATTER falsehood,  despite the fact that our three year old son, with a heart condition, has been thrown on the streets three times, with full police assistance, which no law allows under any circumstances. Amounting to Child Abuse, when the police are paid to protect children - now they get convicted for abusing.

Sergeant Peter Dearden, after telling us on the record, that we are safe in our home, later said he was "SATISFIED"  with proceedings, which are BOGUS, so Nicholas Parfitt  (District Judge Caught Fabricating Court Orders) could get away with his forgery, and David John Wood, of Lattey and Dawe Solicitors LLP (Now Closed Down), could get away with stealing our #Matrimonial #Home, with help from corrupt barnet police officers acting in private, whilst in uniform abusing minors. And several of whom have jumped ship, or in our case, jailed for extreme child sexual offences.

Dipan Varsani of the CPS, pursued a make believe prosecution of trespass, on the allegation of PC Ben Kovler, (as per 5:15 on the Hell In The Cell UK interview), in our private civil affairs. The Hendon Magistrates court confirmed in writing, that no information has ever been laid to commence proceedings, contrary to rule 99 of the Magistrates Court Rules 1981. Resulting in the resignation of CPS Chief Nick Folland. Who admitted that the prosecutions against Christopher Badaloo, were fake, and offered miserly compensation.

The Computerised Court  (Caseman) Record shows, that the police were refused copies of the Court Documents, yet he presented Fraud Upon The Court - Documents ,  to the Harrow Crown Court, and cannot explain where they got their forgeries, to justify False Imprisonment and Modern Slavery based on false allegations from the police, of #trespass in our own home on 01/04/2015, and ongoing aggravation.


  • Richard Jeal - Barnet County Court Manager  disappeared when complaints escalated after he confirmed lies told by  District Judge Nicholas Parfitt.
  • Nicholas Parfitt - District Judge at Barnet County Court - No one will confirm his whereabouts, as he cannot answer for his crime.
  • Barnet County Court Manager Jane Billyack disappeared when asked to confirm that proceedings have never been Issued By the Court.
  • Sergeant PAUL PURDY (Holds a degree in criminal Law), who participated in the Criminal Raid, was put in charge of the investigation, but is now missing from his job, when shown the evidence. Bought a house shortly after ours was sold.
  • CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS (Counstable) who lied and threatened us on video on December 1st 2014 off duty, resigned abruptly and disappeared.
  • Peter Ogborn - Illegal Bailiff, who threw the women and children on the streets on 07/11/2014, disappeared, when a crime number was issued.
  • Mr Butcher, Illegal Bailiff, as per above, disappeared, after acting on Counterfeit proceedings, not issued by any court. 
  • Chris Grayling wrote letters to us, then disappeared, then Michael Gove sacked 79 people for issuing GOVE - BOGUS WARRANTS, then disappeared without restoring our property.
  • A view of the court file, is being illegally denied since October 2013 by Court Manager BARBARA MORTIMER, and MOIRA McVey, covering up FAKE Court Proceedings as part of the violent gang.
  • JUDGE GREENWOOD of Harrow Crown Court, disappeared, as he cannot state a case, for the alleged trespass in my own home, knowing full well, there can be no such case, in fact and law, as lawful owner occupiers cannot be a trespasser.
  • TRACEY McDERMOTT, FCA Chief, disappeared, without being able to produce the Order For Possession, Issued by the Court, which the FCA staff has accused me of being in breach of, and in three years, incumbent Andrew Bailey still cannot produce (FAKE).
  • Samira Al-Hasan (Solicitor) disappeared from the Probation Service, when requested by our team, to produce the "Court Order" under which MTCnovo carried out false imprisonment and claimed many thousands from the public purse.
  • Nick Smart -Senior Manager at the Probation, resigned, to escape responding to a sworn affidavit, requesting the legitimate Court Order, rather than admit to the scam.
  • Mark Owens, Broker for Axa / AON, disappeared, when unable to supply evidence on false claims by insurance company re FCA.
  • Martin Smith - CEO of Ealing Council, resigned, when asked to produce the Court Order re 132 Castle Rd UB5 4SF illegal eviction.
  • Peter Palmer, Illegal Bailiff, resigned, after apologising to me in writing, that he was threatening to arrest me with a FAKE WARRANT.
  • Illegal Bailiff Trapped,  Julian Costa, disappeared, after being stealing money, and is unable to produce his numerous Marstons  Court Warrants, and his theft on video going viral.
  • Daryl Herd, Manager at Santander Bank, Resigned, when he was unable, to produce the documentary evidence, which triggered an inquiry to justify stealing our money to pay illegal bailiffs, nor produce the figures for our stolen property, mortgaged with them.
  • Graham Farrant (Chief Registrar at the Land Registry, disappeared, after years of been unable to explain, how the families'  properties were ALL transferred, without any signatures, Stamp Duty nor Land Registry fees being paid, and no TR1 form completed.
  • CEO of CPS, Nick Folland, resigned, after dropping case and offering costs for malicious prosecution of the family.
  • Christopher Paul Phantis (RUNDLES), became the first ever bailiff to be struck off, that we know of, after harassing the family with fake court orders. Which appears to be a first, and has opened the floodgates for the long suffering public.
  • "Sunny" Vij of Tatlers Estate Agents, who stole our rental income (and his own Mother's), has been jailed for theft. 
  • Axiom Stone Barrister, Jayesh Jotanghia, acting for Manoj Gondhia, ceased to act, and resigned from the firm, when enquires were raised about two Fake High Court Writs , he produced to abuse children and steal property.
  • Conveyancing Solicitor, Anthony Maragh, of Johal and Co., who made false land registry charges on our properties, and many of our clients, has been jailed for Conveyancing Fraud.
  • *********We  determined to obtain justice here*******

Our MP and former cabinet minister Theresa Villiers   who was guilty of expenses maximising, as well as Chris Grayling and David Lidlington, the then  Lord Chancellor(s), all said they cannot interfere in Court Matters, when they are fully aware, that the proceedings were never paid for and ISSUED BY THE COURT, but made up illegally, the dirty little secret of public officials.

Theresa Villiers (MP) is in a conflict of interest, as the said bank gave £800,000 shady "donations" (BRIBE) to the Tory party in 2014 alone, and from which she benefits substantially.

In the viral video, Criminal Cops Caught on Camera, CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS (PC), and BENJAMIN KOVLER (PC), both said, "If a WARRANT was obtained Fraudulently, they're not interested, it's a civil matter". They cannot produce the alleged warrant, nor explain, how child abuse, theft and false imprisonment, can be civil matters.

Yet they arrested (kidnapped) me for alleged Trespass our own matrimonial home on April 1st 2015, when myself and partner Jacqueline Campbell, an NHS Specialist, are Owners and Proprietors at the land registry, and have never been evicted. The sole intent, to assist the gang, to sell with "Vacant Possession", whilst I was held in the notorious Wormwood Scrubs Prison, without a prosecution.

Susan Acland-Hood, Chief Executive of the Ministry of Justice, has affirmed in writing, via MP Theresa Villiers, that Jacqueline Campbell has never been subject of any Court Proceedings.

Neither are other family member Occupiers, two time X factor support winner (Leona Lewis and Joe McAuldry), Romy Badaloo and Christopher Badaloo.

Chris has been thrown on the streets and had all his belongings stolen on six occasions. And spent over a year in a mental hospital under kidnap. Yet Barnet County Court has confirmed in writing, that he has never been lawfully evicted from any address.

The NHS appealed for him to be assisted to restore his position, and the CPS admitted in writing, to malicious prosecution, and offered costs, stating they wont defend a claim in court, so a bit of progress there, but a long way to go yet.

This Public Inquiry, into Court Order Scams, will give reassurance to millions of vulnerable victims, and SOON TO BE VICTIMS, which is likely to include YOU and your family members.

Should this objective not be met, things are only going to escalate yellow vest style, to the point of potential Breakdown of Law and Order, social unrest, and economic collapse affecting EVERYONE , as Good people, working in the Courts, Police and other law enforcement agencies, will be tarred with the same brush, as those serving the criminal cartel. As revealed in the recent award winning film, by Michael O'Bernicio - The Great British Mortgage Swindle.

In addition to the recent Documentary on Sky TV - Never Book a Judge By His Cover - with ex Police Officer Anthony Carlin the victim, for arresting a judge running a Court Order Scam, which Attorney General Sir Geoffrey Cox, has now been exposed to practice, forcing his resignation.

Www.ScamBuster.TV is the leading voice out there, focusing the light, on the  Court Order Scam pandemic, the BIGGEST CRIME SINCE THE HOLOCAUST, according to a national newspaper journalist.

Programmes like Can't pay we'll take it away, and the Sheriffs Are Coming, NEVER validate the Court Proceedings, nor will the big press even mention falsified (bogus) Court Proceedings, proving that the Chief Editors, are influenced to SUPPRESS the real constitutional news.

In one year alone, 37,000 people lost their homes, and it is estimated, that up to 20,000 suspected Illegal Evictions, ASSISTED BY THE POLICE.

Nearly all these crimes, end up costing the taxpayer Billions, in the form of Housing Benefit, Legal Aid Fraud, Court Fees Theft, aside from being personal tragedies, and depleting the #NHS of limited resources.

The WRONGDOERS get unjust enrichment. We the people have put these public servants in their positions, and are paying them. We must not allow them, to commit the offence of ABUSE OF POSITION, AND FRAUD UPON THE COURT, because of OUR failure to hold them to account.  



Many thanks to the Sunday Times and The Times for following us over the last year, and to publish the Scot Young Bogus Bankruptcy Arrest Case, which we busted.

And to the Financial Times (Money Marketing), Fund Strategy, The Financial Adviser, Freedom Talk Radio, Omega Radio, and allegedly BBC Radio 4 + Private Eye , for publishing this Petition.

Thanks to the countless individuals, victims, and helpers, with decades of knowledge and experience, not least the late great justice campaigner Patrick Cullinane  , Co-Author of the book The Forensics Of Legal Fraud - Gedaljahu Ebert, and my long suffering ffiends, family and fans.

We have achieved some magnificent results, with messages of appreciation and encouragement pouring in from all corners of the globe, but there is a tremendous amount remaining to fulfill the mission.  Fake Writ

If you have been a victim, or want to support or join the movement, or members of the press contact www.ScamBuster.TV and we shall make arrangements.

Sign and Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email etc and word of mouth, as we Combat the Shadow Ban from big tech and the dark forces as referenced by the late Queen.

                                      Thanks for participating.

STATEMENT OF TRUTH under the Motu Proprio Exodous 20 :16 By: Sovereign ©Anthony of the family: Badaloo. Authorised Agent and Representative for ANTHONY BADALOO™

All Rights Reserved

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Signatures: 6,248Next Goal: 10,000
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  • Nick GoodwinChief Executive at Her Majesty Courts and Tribunal Service and MOJ
  • Sadiq Khan - Mayor of LondonMayor's Office for Policing and Crime
  • Alex Chalk KC MPLord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice
  • Theresa VilliersMP Chipping Barnet
  • Nihil RathiFinancial Conduct Authority