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Income Tax Woes

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Our Dear Prime Minister,

Income tax is levied by the administrative set up for making the life of people comfortable which involves building infrastructure, provision of good living standards for citizens & their families in addition to the social security.

Well, as citizens we must pay our taxes without fail and make the system work at the optimum level.

Why we do not pay taxes, is the question needing deliberation. Why we resist ? Why the system gives us reasons to evade tax ?

Lack of electricity makes us buy generators / inverters. Failure of water supply results in alternate means- some will have submersible pumps and those not in a position to afford, will either steal from govt supply or walk to get it as per their means. Worse, tankers of contractors will make their day by fleecing. Lack of proper medical / schooling facilities in govt institutions makes the tax paying class to go in for private sector thereby, paying the rightful hard earned money for the services govt is obliged to provide.

In USA, a President could say "Ask not what the country can do for you....." Why our leaders lack the will to ask this question in open forums ? There are so many areas like transportation / security etc etc which the tax payer has no option but, to find ways to live respectfully by hook or by crook. Basics like social security post retirement at a certain stage of life is missing. The freebees of tax benefits either go to those who don't pay or to those who are in a position to apply short cuts in govt policies. Police is busy in the jobs which does not involve law and order only. Why ?

None would save / evade taxes if we are provided with basics from all angles as per our fundamental rights. The employees of the governmental organisations or their heads should be given free hand to intimate you the pulse of the society irrespective of your decisions without fear or favour. My indications ares toward the present state of taxation & banking systems. 

Yes, it will take time for you to clean the rot created by some in the past Sir !

We are with you. Kindly stay ahead of the people who oppose you on social media (by planting wrong stories / projecting your image of what you are not, based on surmises & conjectures) by getting a good team to counter their propaganda. We want that you stay at the helm of affairs and make Indian nation  a place where all stratum of society can live without fear, from each other / of future, and with a focus to work for the best interests of this country.

Conclusion- Kindly address the issues of citizens especially the honest tax payers holistically in order to move the country forward, not that it is not. Please have a code of ethics for all including our leaders.

With Regards,

An Indian Army Veteran



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