Change Constitution

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Even most of the Android applications are being updated to new versions with regular intervals of weeks mostly..

Then why can't the so called largest democracy country like India yet have the same old biggest Constitution of about 448 articles have not been updated...???

Of course have 122 Amendment Bills and 101 Amendment acts..


Tough fighting for women's right, no security for women , no freedom for women in India in some places for God sake ..

And  I feel very proud to say my nation stands 4th place in world's highest rape statistics.

My be our laws has to be strict .

My be in my nation a cheat who was accused for scam of ₹1lac crore ie., ₹10¹² can be in race of Cheif Ministers and can be freely campaigning his political party..

But my sisters in India are yet in a situation deciding not travel night alone ..


My be ours laws has to be changed

My be strict rules have to imparted.