To Investigate the sudden and mysterious Death of Actor Padma Shri Ms. Sridevi.

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This petition is being made as an appeal to your kind office as well as the Indian Government to immediately take steps to investigate the sudden and mysterious death of actor Padma Shri Ms. Sridevi in Dubai on 24.02.2018 allegedly first reported to have suffered a heart attack then declared as having suffered death by accidental drowning. As a sincere fan and follower of the late actor, like millions of followers in India as well as all over the world, I am not only deeply anguished to learn of the incident but also like the million other fans would want to ensure that our role model and idol, who has also been a symbol of women empowerment should get due respect and justice for her unfortunate and sudden fate. It is emphasised that the present matter is one of great national interest and requires your utmost attention.

Despite the fact that the Dubai police claims to have conducted some form of investigation, which, curiously has lasted only a couple of days and without any specifics of the circumstances and causes for such an unusual and sudden tragedy of a relatively young and healthy individual. Needless to say, from the manner in which no specifics of the death are being disclosed with only stray and limited information available even to the press, the alleged investigation also appears to be a travesty and even influenced by unworthy and malafide motives.

After having read the few news reporting which are available print media and the internet several apprehensions and pertinent questions arise some of which I am sharing with your Hon’ble self with the hope that you would be kind enough to appreciate the sentiments of the millions of fans of Padam Shri Ms. Sridevi including the undersigned.

The following questions have been arising in the minds of the citizens of this nation like my own self who often are left with unanswered questions of such tragedies, specifics of which are many a times hushed up: -

1.     Why the autopsy was conducted by the Preventive Medicine team and not the Forensic experts?

2.     If Sridevi ‘lost consciousness', how did she lose consciousness?

3.     Was the drowning “accidental” or not?

4.     How did the authorities come to the conclusion that the drowning was "accidental"?

5.     Did Sridevi have a cardiac arrest or not?

6.     Who floated the "cardiac arrest" theory if Sridevi did not suffer from one?

7.     How did a healthy Sridevi lose her balance and fall to her death?

8.     Can "alcohol in the blood" solely explain Sridevi losing consciousness and falling to her death?

9.     Did Sridevi show signs of uneasiness prior to going into the bathroom where she died?

10.    Was Sridevi's body "bloated" on discovery or not?

11.    How long was Sridevi in the bathroom before her body was discovered as lifeless?

12.    Dubai authorities say she "drowned after losing consciousness". What made her lose her consciousness?

13.    How much time elapsed between Boney Kapoor discovering Sridevi's body and calling the cops?

14.    Who removed Sridevi's body from the bathtub - medical experts or Boney Kapoor?  

15.       Amar Singh said "she wouldn't have done what she did". What did he mean?

16.       Did Sridevi leave her room for the 2-3 days before her death? If not, why not?

17.       Who was Sridevi in touch with as per her phone call records?

18.       Was Sridevi upset that Boney Kapoor went to attend a wedding, as claimed by Amar Singh?

19.       Is it true that Boney called a friend and said that he had to "rush back" to Dubai? Was this consistent with "surprise" narrative?

These are just some of the many questions which are still unanswered and are sufficient to indicate a possible conspiracy against Padam Shri Ms. Sridevi.

As a responsible and active Citizen of this Nation, I believe, I deserve an answer to these very pertinent questions. So, also does the entire nation, full of fans of Padam Shri Ms. Sridevi. But above all, as a sincere and Padam Shri awardee artist and a person who has brought so much name and fame to our nation, by her worldwide popularity, we as a Nation owe it to her, to find out the true cause of her death and fight to bring those responsible for her ill-fate, to justice.