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Introduce 'Dyslexia' training course for teachers in Indian schools.

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I have lived with dyslexia and dyscalculia all my life. And I know how it is to suffer within . As a child I had a hard time expressing myself in school and otherwise. I would '' zone out '' every time I had to deal with numbers and alphabets  that appeared in sequence. My teachers didn't understand that because I couldn't articulate myself clearly. I wasn't dull . Just that I understood a subject matter better when explained using visual objects. It was difficult for me to explain to my parents why I scored good grades in algebra and trigonometry but scored zero in solving problem sums. I felt humiliated inside every time our Assamese language teacher criticized me in the classroom for failing  in Assamese. My grades improved remarkably , in fact I excelled  the moment I joined college . Because this time on, I chose the subjects that I understood. It is not easy to live with dyslexia and dyscalculia . I still have a hard time solving problem sums but I easily grasp higher level mathematics . Thankfully, I found my true calling in Fine Arts and I'm a professional painter and a free lance writer. But not every dyslexic child or a child with dyscalculia is clear headed enough to figure out what they excel in. This is where the school they go to, comes into the picture. Introducing free teacher training programs in school all over India, for understanding dyslexia and dyscalculia is mandatory. So that children with such learning disorders can excel like other children  and grow into productive citizens  in the future.

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