Say No to Toll Tax...

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A Common Indian spends his whole life just for raising his kids, making his home, saving some money for health & buying a conveyance to facilitate his different chores. He saves money in long time & then he buys his conveyance i.e. 4 wheeler. When he purchase 4 wheeler then he has to pay GST, Road tax & even insurance bought on it has a part of road tax.. He pays income tax from his harden earn money which is fine. He pays taxes so that Government can facilitate his life from different aspects. 

Now my point is if we people already pay a huge amount in the form of road taxes then why is Government charging toll taxes at different toll roads. In Punjab toll tax itself is more than the fare of bus for that particular distance. I am often given an answer to this question " Why toll" that Toll tax is to maintain roads in that area. If we already pay Road tax to maintain roads than WHY TOLL.

Kindly respect harden earn money of middle class & make a decision to charge EITHER TOLL OR ROAD TAX from civilians,,,

Kindly stand with me to raise voice..