Replace the punishment for rape with something severe & stricter! #JusticeForRapeVictims

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We tolerated "Nirbhaya", We condoned "Asifa", but not "Madhu" or any other women! Apart from her religion, caste or community, it's now for the Pride & Dignity of Women in India. We call it "Bharat Mata" Yes, Mata, Maa, Women! But few cold-blooded rapists don't maintain the dignity of women! 

Was she born for this day? Did she equate with men to get raped and murdered this way? Is the pain every month to bleed wasn't enough for her, that she deserved the pain of getting raped? Is the agony for her to carry a child for 9 long months wasn't sufficient, that she was brutally killed after her body was used?

The laws of India were always elementary and simple, that resulted in observing Candle March and Condolence Program for the Women of India!

Imprisonment for a term of 7 years, 10 years or Lifetime? Is this adequate as a punishment for that man who raped his 9 months old daughter in Mumbai?

Hanging to death in the Rarest of the Rare case? Was this punishment to the rapists were enough and even with the pain that Jyoti Singh (Nirbhaya) and Asifa tolerated and failed in the struggle to survive?

For that 9 months old baby, For Nirbhaya, For Asifa, For Madhu and for every woman who suffered sexual assault. It's time to cease this crime from India!

No doubt, India is a country which has forgiveness, absolution, and commutation in its laws, but it also teaches:-

"It's not always right to punish, but to always commute isn't right either."

The present government speaks of replacing the Constitution of India with Manusmriti (The ancient set of laws among many Dharmaśāstras in Hinduism). So, now its a stern appeal to the Government of India

  • To replace the punishment for rape with something extremely severe and stricter without any mercy! That would be something brutal and stringent for all those rapists, like the countries "Saudi Arabia" and "North Korea" have implemented in their laws! It will make their blood run cold who even think of committing a crime like RAPE!