Recognise people associated with Fitness Centres as front line warriors of COVID-19

Recognise people associated with Fitness Centres as front line warriors of COVID-19

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fitYUG started this petition to PM Narendra Modi and

Demand to Recognise people associated with Fitness Centers as front line warriors of COVID-19.

The potential of Fit India Movement and the people associated with it has been underestimated, ignored and neglected during Covid crisis is nothing but self contradictory policy of the govt.

There are many reasons in favour of this demand:

First Reason:

Fitness Centers have been put along with the category of the entertainment industries, theaters, cinema halls, coffee shops & restaurants which is absurd. People come here to build their muscle, health & fitness which subsequently build their immune system. Fitness center should not be put under super spreader category under any circumstances.

Second Reason.:

The right category of the people associated with fitness centers are equal to the doctors, nurses and health workers. Hospitals cure diseases, Fitness centers prevents it. Doctors treat patients, Trainers help gym members improve their fitness, health, muscle, cardio and immune system. Alike nurses assisting doctors in hospitals, receptionist, managers, caretakers also help the trainers and gym owners to produce more healthy people.

Third Reason:

Wrong, irrational comparisons with others. Fitness centers have ACs so as hospitals & corporates also and they are opened. You say fitness centers are crowded so as the sabzi Mandi, Fish market and liquor shops also but they are too opened. Fitness centers have been using Floor sanitisers, hand sanitisers, mat & equipment sanitisers, deodorants since decades. 99% people have started using merely three months ago. Who knows better than fitness centers to safeguard against contagious diseases after hospitals. We have never heard epidemic outbreak or skin diseases initiated from the gyms or fitness centers due to their alertness, awareness and management. This is the injustice to fitness centers and the lack of expertise on this subject backed up with powers landed on such decisions without proper evaluation.

Fourth Reason:

Govt is ignoring Fitness industry due to its less numbers. To maintain & manage  daily average 200-300 members in a gym, at least 10-15 people are involved directly. Another 5-10 people are associated indirectly with the gyms. Their livelihood comes from the membership fees. The rent of the gym is in lakhs. EMIs of the equipment are very high as well. Electricity, salary of the employees are to be given without any income. Equipment lying idle for more than 100 days started rusting. The fitness freaks are rusting as well by putting more weights. Hardly 2-5% gym-goers gathers up any motivation to do exercises at home. Was it the intention of fit india movement?

The life of the backbone of fitness industry is at stake, rather dying. It was fitness industry's responsibility to keep the community fit but now fitness centers are in ICUs and few might collapse within days. Many gyms and fitness centers are moving towards the position for a complete shutdown due to acute financial crisis and some of them have already started selling equipment to their gym members for their survival, food and basic needs. Not a single drop out of 20lakh crore distribution has come as a relief to any fitness centers till now by any means.


1. Supporting fitness centers could accelerate the process of herd immunity concept within the community of a particular area if aggressively designed in that direction by the experts. To the best of my knowledge no one in this world has used fitness centers as a tool to boost herd immunity program rather than waiting to happen automatically. Govt should have designed guidelines till now to convert fitness centers as a hub to boost immunity of the regions in various ways by pouring and pumping more money to build more gyms and fitness centers during the covid crisis.

2. There is a series of guidelines for everyone to operate along with the violation code of conduct and penalty format. Govt. could have done that too for the fitness centers. It's never late for a good cause. Let the violator pay the price for not following the govt. norms. Why every fitness centers should be punished for that?

3. I request at least govt can show some sympathy, positive signs of support towards the dying fitness centers by making electricity free, rental free and a minimum amount in few thousands as a relief for the survival as per their size and financial burden. We have to believe that it's not possible for most of the trainers to stand in a queue for food for themselves and families due to their self respect. They neither can switch to different profession or stand join the team of daily labourers to get govt. aid. How they will survive? Are they only numbers of govt.?

4. Finally, govt must address fitness centers personally, meet them, understand their problem give some hope, assurance, financial assistance and a deadline to open their centers soon so that this small portion of the taxpayer citizens from fitness industry should not feel ignored or neglected.


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