Punishment of rape for men

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Straightforward my petition is punishment for rape

Till now everyone in india curses clothes for rape,but in Ghaziabad two men dig out body of woman from grave to gangrape her

I just want to make law that women can harm at any level and also will kill person(s) to protect themselves against RAPE 

Now come to punishment

For Ladies and women of and above 18 the rapist must be get autopsy living by medical students after found guilty of rape and having proof that he had medically autopsy 

Below age of 18 till 10 years the rapists must be left at bhangarh fort for overnight and the rapist(s) hands and legs must be tied so that they can't run away 

And for below 10 

The rapist(s) must be sent to the shop where animals were cutted  and chopped into pieces and their pieces feed to carnivore's