Name new Navi Mumbai International Airport after Rajamata Jijabai Saheb

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Dear All,

Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) is currently in the last stages of its construction at Ulwe Kopar-Panvel in Maharashtra, India.  It is scheduled to be operational in 2020 and will be one of largest hub in India.  We humbly request that it be named after Rajmata Jijabai Saheb the mother of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj the founder of the Hindavi Swaraj.

Connection between the site with Rajmata Jijabai Saheb:

The Airport is located in Raigadh District which was the capital of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj. Jijabai Saheb lived at Riagadh for a many years and her Samadhi or last resting place is also at same spot just below the renowned fort.

Reasons for naming the airport in her name.

a. It would be recognition and serve as a tribute to Rajamata Jijau's work and sacrifice.

b. Her life was a example both as a women and mother.  Thereby it shall honour both aspects.

c. The her work and contribution to Raje’s Swarajya will be known across the world.

Historical Importance of Rajamata Jijabai

If Chhatrapati Shivaji is considered a unique example in history then so indeed was the role played by Rajamata Jijabai saheb in his life.

Rajamata Jijabai (1594-1674) was the mother of Ch. Shivaji and was the primary source of his inspiration. It was Rajamata Jijabai who inculcated the dream and promise of Swarajya in his mind at a very early age. She was instrumental in building his character, instilling the noble traits for which Chhatrapati shivaji became famous. She taught him to be fearless in the face of adversary, respectful towards women, compassionate towards the poor and disenfranchised, respectful to his own and other religious beliefs and not letting victory or kingship power his intellect and influence his actions.

In all aspects, she was an ideal mother. The whole of India (including the Hindus) are grateful to God for a person like her. Her life has proved to be example for others inspiring people with her valour, inner strength and sacrifice.

In one of the poems a marathi poet has said - "A prayer unto the divine feet of Bhavanimata and Shambu Mahadev that, ‘May all men and women in country be inspired by Rajmata Jijau to aspire and dream for country that ruled by values and justice and ready to sacrifice for that dream !’

Some Important incidents in history

In all political and administrative decisions taken by Ch. Shivaji,  Rajmata Jijau saheb always laid emphasis on the well being of Rayat (population and citizens of Shivaji Maharaj's Swarajya).She always ensured their protection be it during a famine,an invading army or various developement.  Her pariticipation and thought ensured that farmers, peasants and Maglites of all caste and creed came forward to offer their services and sacrifices for Swarajya.

In Many historical incidences in history she inspired Shivaji's troops. In a very famous instance she picked up a sword and wielding it, decided that she herself would attack the army of Siddi Jauhar to rescue Shivaji, who was trapped in Jauhar's siege at Panhala fort.

Chattrapati Shivaji had entrusted the administration of his nascent empire with Rajmata Jijau when he travelled to Delhi to meet Aurangazeb. She managed it ablywhile Ch. Shivaji was imprisoned at Agra without seceding even a single fort during this period.

Based on the above we humbly request that the new airport be named after her. It will be a lasting tribute to her work and sacrifices for our country.

Thank you.

Sanjay Shinde