Great Language SANSKRIT mandatory in all schools and colleges in HINDUSTAN

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As citizen of INDIA. Daughter of great Nation and Country a pure Divine Nation full of Incredible places . A nation full of divinity of culture with people full of love and peace . What makes it great ?  Yes of course the beauty of divinity which spread in all our country land INDIA. As we think of INDIA what's comes in our mind. Let's first find out the Meaning and Definition of our land.

 INDIA - The word is Derived from   Sanskrit text word meaning 'SINDU' body of the rivers. As we have seven most breathtaking rivers in our country.

Another Name of INDIA called (BHARAT ) derived from Sanskrit text This is one of the name or Agni , The Hindu God of fire , and also the name of brother of RAMA (RAMAYANA) . it was also borne by the legendary king the son of Dushanta and Shanktula. The official name of country BHARAT derived from him.

 INDIA also known by other name HINDUSTAN - In the Latin period citizens of India used to be called by middle eastern tongue . This has nothing to do with religion . 

Cultrural Practices of INDIA -

According to the census of 2011 India practices Hinduism 79.8%.hence other religion Islam 14.2% and others like. Some Other various Indigenous Ethically bounding with No religion with there own ideas and believe. Which all country respect. What's so special about it ? What makes us different? What makes us tolerant ?  Yoga guru, scientists, engineers what makes us Hindustani.   Well the Answers can be found in Deep rooted system. As we discovered and researched Its the Cultural ,Traditional values, Educational system Deep rooted  by our ancestors in the beautiful gift of knowledge called SANSKRIT

 As we all know SANSKRIT is the oldest language in the world what's makes it unique stand alone.

                                                          SANSKRIT suggested the best language for computation linguistics and artificial intelligence in the world used by NASA.  

In Artificial Intelligence Magazine Scientist Briggs discovered that the only language in the world which is scientifically precise was SANSKRIT

Among the Ancient Scientific community that has a deviation of Zero. The language they used is SANSKRIT.

We also know many words in world languages taken from Sanskrit.

Where As we have our National languages called HINDI ,ENGLISH 

 HINDI - the Indian Constitution in 1950 declared HINDI in Devanagari script to be the official language, unless Parliament decided otherwise use of English for Official purposes was cease 15 years after the constitution came into effect  26 January 1965.

Languages with official states of India.

Kashmir -kashmiri

Punjab- Punjabi

Central India - Hindi

Maharashtra - Marathi ,

Andra  -Telgu ,

Karnataka - Kannada

Kerela - Malayalam,

Tamil Nadu - Tamil.

All the Languages spoken in Hindustan. The question is why great languages like Sanskrit and Hindi Decreasing in INDIA .The problem arising and increasing Southern parts of INDIA.  It's a humble request to adopt this ancient text. As it can cause to Disappear and Vanishing of a Beautiful Cultural practice. All the citizens of this country are blessed with  language of GOD.  {VEDAS}.    Hindi must be also known as it serve in most part of the Nation. My request is to Preserve the Ancient Cultural Practical language . SANSKRIT must be taught in over all Nation in schools as well in Institutions. 

Benefits of learning these languages.

No language barrier

Less language Hate crimes

Sanskrit Mother of all languages

 Preserving the ancient culture  


 DECODING VEDAS { Can lead profession like Doctor ,engineering, Treasure hunter , writer, scientists, and many many more.}  JAI HIND