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I want installation of CCTV camera in all government organisations.

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I am working in government organisation. But from day one I was am not welcomed nor I was included in any existing team. I was only discouraged to leave this job and go away. I never received any training, I was victimised and abused by my immediate officers and supervisors. I complained about this to DC but it back fired me. He transferred me to a very unhygienic location where there is no clean toilets. I was forced to work there and I started getting infectious diseases caused by those unhygienic toilets and using those computers which were not cleaned for ages. I started getting sick every now and then. I started to request for transfer on medical grounds showing all medical certificates. But till date no officer responded to my letters, it's been a year now. Leave about transfer but people here are constantly bullying, harassing and forcing me to follow certain rules and regulations which is applicable only to me. I am very much discriminated by this people. And where as they come to office when ever they want. Sign attendance when ever they want like a whole week of attendance is signed in a single day. I am abused every single day but when ever I complain about this, officers say to leave this job if u can't work. I see people bribing infront of me in that office but I am helpless. Now that people know ill fight them back they are treating me like a threat they want to remove me from service as soon as possible. They have made my life living hell. Not only me I believe so many are going through the same in government organisation.

  First step to crub this is to bring in transparency. They should install CCTV camera in all government organisations. So that they get to know what is happening inside. No one can dare to bribe or harass some one or ill-treat someone. It's high time now. People in small grocery shops have CCTV , there is CCTV in so many streets, in all IT companies they have CCTV installed but why this government organisations are hiding away. May be there are some government offices that may have installed it's like only 1 in 100. Remaining are still without any transparency.






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