Hang the criminal(s) of Priya Reddy Rape/Murder case before the 2019 year end.

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Since we all know what happened in 2012. The Delhi rape case shook the entire nation. The criminals got caught within few days but even with FastTrack court the justice served in the year of 2019. Between that many people blamed nirbhaya, including the convict and lawyers. Mindset of people has not been changed since. After that we witnessed the case of Ashifa. It doesn't matter if it's a young girl, child or old woman, the rape is happening throughout the nation without a sign of reduction. An example HAS TO be set by the government so that people can start believing in law and order and rapists may think 10 times before even dreaming about such acts. So in order to do that, when the criminals have already been caught, hang then by 31st December 2019 and set an example towards the world that India doesn't take Crimes for granted.