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Equality for all citizens

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Today all of us are facing traffic woes and struggling everyday to commute as Density of cars is increasing by the day and this struggle is never ending but we citizens still go on with our lives without complaining as the Government is trying hard to make the infrastructure better. 

Unfortunately there is a new crop of VVIPS emerged who flaunt their bodyguards and Police Protection and stop the AAM JANTA in broad daylight without following any traffic rules to let the "So Called VVIPS" move comfortably in their Imported SUVs and get followed by their bodyguards and further block the traffic and if any one comes in the way they are ill treated and abused by the bodyguards and Police and the AAM JANTA is left helpless at the atrocities of these "So Called VVIPs"

The worst part is honest tax paying citizens who contribute to the financial functionality of the state and country of which Police is also a part has to see them give all their protection only to these "so called VVIPS" and ironically the honest tax paying citizens get treated like Pariahs and suffer everyday with this GundaRaj which is sadly still existing even today.

Lets all of us join hands and not suffer this injustice and torture anymore and lets show these "So Called VVIPs"  (who dont have a conscious and who think law of the land works as per their comfort) the power of the AAM JANTA and the Internet age. Jai Hind!

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