Different Rape Punishments

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Are we living in the society of Humans or Devils ? Continuous rape cases are really raising terror and insecure environment for all girls and womans because today rape are happening to basically all age groups. Hence appealing society to change their thoughts. We are living in an independent country. Everyone has the roght to live their life in their own terms. God has not created any difference while creating humans. This is we and our cheap mentality that had created Gender Discrimination. 

Stop putting blame on girls and their dressing sense. In todays world, from diaper to burkha to short skirt, all are being raped.

According to me, rapists shall be punished instantly by the following ways :

1. Cut their private parts and burn them alive.

2. Cut their private parts and play sexual video in front of them.

3. Cut their private parts and hang them till death publicly.

4. Cut their private parts and let the victim decide for their punishment.

5. Cut their private parts and leave them alone with hungry tigers.

If anyone has more ideas, they can share. So that the rapists could not even thought to see the girls. Candle March, Rallies, Political debates are not the right ways to get the justice done. Instant justice required for this heinous crime.

Stop blaming the victims. Instead punish the rapists. This is really the great matter of concern.


Hence my sincere request to you all to sign this petition (atleast 2,00,000 members) so that this petition can reach to our PM Narendra Modi and system for instant rape Punishment can be implied quickly. We all have to raise voice together to save our daughters, mothers, sisters in future. Otherwise we will be in danger.