Central Pay Commission for 10 lakh Bankers & 5 lakh pensioners by abolishing illegal BPS.

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10 Lakh Indian PSU Bankers & 5 Lakh Bank Pensioners are deprived of their legitimate rights since decades. Bankers, inspite of being most Hardworking and honest working class are working with less salary under more workload, with more risks and liabilities, Lack of safety in branches , poor working conditions and pensioners living on meagre Pension which is never been updated since it's inception. Due to existing corrupt illegal system of salary revision called BPS ( BIPARTITE SETTLEMENT SYSTEM) in banking industry between two Unconstitutional, unregistered, corrupt, illegal, Non Public Authority IBA ( Indian Banks Association) and UFBU (United Forum Of Bank Unions). Both IBA UFBU are running illegally not comes under RTI, with no accountability, but earning illegal Commission in hundred thousands of crores by solding the rights of 10 lakh Bankers and 5 lakh Pensioners. It is question of survival, Dignity, quality life of about 50 lakh peoples  (Bankers and their family members). Inspite of implementing all the Govt launched social welfare schemes by 10 Lakh PSU Bankers. We are deprived of our legitimate right of Salary and Pension Equal to Central Govt Employees. So all Bankers wants from PM Shri Narendra Modi to abolish existing corrupt BPS system and incorporate 10 lakh bankers and 5 lakh pensioners under Central Pay Commission.

Jai Hind ! Jai Jawan ! Jai Kisaan ! Jai Bankers