Cancellation of semester exams for the graduation class of 2020.

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As we all know Covid-19(corona virus) is spreading very rapidly in our country and doesn’t seem to be  and shrinking anytime soon, for all we know it might take a minimum of two years for the pandemic to leave the face of the Earth. Keeping in mind that it has entered our state and the number of cases are abruptly increasing, Us students are finding it difficult to work our way around information from our respective colleges or have interactions with lecturers for our queries online. In this high time of 100% lockdown probably further too (I.e after the 3rd of May) I request our PM Mr. Narendra Modi and CM Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy to consider this petition and cancel the examinations since students are not being able to focus or concentrate and give their entire attention to studies because of the ongoing pandemic. 


Most foreign countries’ universities have already considered this and cancelled all the university exams and promoted their students. We sincerely  hope for a similar action i.e probably conducting online examinations /grading the students basing off the previous semesters/ giving the students assignments to complete with a particular time duration for submission for the students to be implemented by our PM Mr. Narendra Modi and CM. Y.S Jagan mohan Reddy, for the betterment of the nation and it’s civilians. 

We genuinely hope the above mentioned Government bodies regard to this petition As high-priority. Since this is a traumatic phase for the entire world, we’d like to try our best to prevent the spread we request you to think and work around it in order to maintain the well being and safekeeping of the nation. 

SIDE NOTE: The exam fees taken or to be taken could be used as donation for the PM cares fund.