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Ban the sale of whiteners, thinners to juveniles

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I saw a viral video (link in the petition available) on facebook today that shows a 13 year old on camera talking to a reporter about taking whitener for intoxication. Not only that he goes ahead to demonstrate the reporter how it is done by showing it practically and also gives tips on the right technique to do it. After which he goes on to inhale it. Later when told by the reporter that he would die if continued to do so, the child said that he doesn't fear death and that he will go willingly whenever his time comes. It is astonishing that this child told the reporter that he earned INR 150 a day by collecting garbage, spent INR 30 on his food and rest on this whitener and solution. He claimed to have a chilled out life with a sound sleep after inhaling whitener. 

I was stunned speechless after which I decided to write this petition. 

Time & again we have seen the adverse effects of substance abuse by juvenile. A small product called "Whitener" which is used mostly by school going children and even teachers and is an essential part of every stationery shop has become a horrific tool in the hands of the abusers. 

Children on the streets specially are found as voluntary victims of these toxic substances. It would be great if the schools banned the use of whiteners altogether and we as parents stopped buying it for our kids. 

I urge PM Modi to take a strong step in banning the sale of such products to Juveniles and some very strict laws be made in this regard. It is a shameful truth for the Indian society and a menace we have been facing for long. 

Also, the centers for de-addiction for substance abusers are very less and the awareness is also not much. A campaign to educate the masses about this evil is the need of the hour. 

Please sign this petition if you want to bring a change towards eliminating this evil from our society. It would hardly take a minute but would bring a huge impact over someone's life that could be saved from misuse of these substances. 

PS: I do not own the video in the link above. I found it on a facebook page. 

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