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For years our country\city has celebrated ganesh chaturthi. For those of you who aren't aware, it is a festival during which several idols (made from plaster of paris and painted with toxic paints) from all over the city are submerged in our ocean, poisoning our marine life and increasing the toxicity of our ocean water. 

What I am suggesting here, harms no ones belief- everyone can celebrate the festival as they always have weather they choose to submerge their idols in the ocean or in a bucket at home as many people who care about our environment have come to do. Making it mandatory that all idols for sale are eco friendly,still leaves people with options: for example, there are mud idols, clay idols and now even idols made entirely out of fish food! so not only are you protecting our marine life you're even giving them a little treat :) 

I am aware that many people's income comes from selling the idols they have made by hand for years - however, should the government body provide eco friendly materials to these vendors, the skill of making them by hand is no different regardless of the material.

If your concern isn't for our environment then at least do it for your kids, and their kids after them. polluting our ocean and marine life will only in turn poison us, as it is our source of water and food.

It is high time we thought about the future of our actions, so many of our festivities harm the environment we live in, don't we want our children to have fresh air? clean water? and safe food? 

Please put your best foot forward, sign and pass on, 

(Below is a link for 'Sprouts environment trust's poster with info for you to order your own fish food ganesh idol )