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Digitise our Democracy

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Dear Prime Minister and Chief Election Commissioner,

Sir, the foundations of democracy rest on the count of heads and we have seen that to increase these counts politicians and their minions engage in all sorts of fair and unfair means. Booth capturing, bogus voting, repeat voting, unexplained deletions and impossible additions in electoral rolls, delayed postal ballots etc remain like multiple thorns in the flesh of the largest democracy in the world.

Your concerted efforts at re-establishing accountability, fair dealing, and transparency in the polity have won wide acclaims. Digitisation of the conduct of administration is one such admirable step.

We, the aware citizens of India, believe that this digitisation should be extended to the electoral process as well and for realising this goal we propose that the Aadhar Cards should be linked to the electoral rolls. Such an exercise when implemented will have the following advantages:

1. No deceased person can come to life for voting. This is a major cause of bogus voting.
2. Biometrics will eliminate spurious voting.
3. Multiple voter IDs issued to one person will get eliminated.
4. Illegal immigrants won't be able to influence the direction of Indian politics.
5. Maoists and those like them those who do not respect and adhere to Indian constitution and don't have AADHAAR cards will not be able to vote.
6. Kashmiri separatists, who don't want to be Indian citizens yet enjoy rights much more than any ordinary citizen of India, won't be able to vote minus the Aadhar cards.
7. Having registered in his/her constituency online by virtue of the residence mentioned in the Aadhar card anyone will be able to cast a digital vote from anywhere.

Digitisation of the electoral process will reduce the use of paper and thus will have a positive impact on the environment too.

We, the concerned citizens of India, request you to please introduce linkage of Aaddhar Card with electoral rolls. Such a reform, when implemented will be the singular historic achievement and contribution to the future of our country next only to GST. 

We plead you to please consider this suggestion. 

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