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Shri A K Sahoo.

Additional director,

Rajya sabha secretariat

Room no 012, A- block, ground floor, parliament house annexe Ext building,

New Delhi-110001

Memorandum for your kind perusal:

Sir, I am father of NRI and I am submitting this for the committee perusal. I can be contacted in the following email ID and whatsapp number.




Modi ji is requesting every country in the world to fight terrorism outside INDIA, but his govt, all his ministers including himself,  is totally silent on this terrorism from within the country and inflicted by  our own so called ABLA NARI, young women –Daughter in laws - who file fake 498a , DV, DP ,rapes, dowry deaths and all such matrimonial cases at the drop of a hat, on many young men, lapped up by the ever eager ,most corrupt police to register FIR, and these  desperate young men are fighting arrests, maintenance of his family and to protect his aged mother- MOTHER IN LAW, married and unmarried sisters and even his married sister in laws.

Supreme court in its Judgement said it is LEGAL TERRORISM, yet , why there is so much silence, by powers that be, instead of acting. More men are committing suicides, than women due to these fake cases, lose their jobs, their families are destroyed irreparably and their youthful life is finished, fighting these cases for 10-20 years.

Following solutions are immediately needed to set  right this injustice.

1.       Immediately establish MEN’S COMMISSION

2.       Make all laws gender neutral. If women can soar the skies, work in defence, sports,engineering, loco drivers, pilots, they can be equally deceitful, cunning, scheming, cheats, frauds, unethical and merciless beasts, vengeful. If you want to give justice to one woman, DIL, are you not torturing MIL – who is  double the age of DIL at least,  weak, almost near end of her life, many are senior citizens, who are dragged to police stations, walk and wait whole day from morning till evening in the courts, day in and day out, slapped with so many cases- with same allegations. All allegations disappear, the moment, the husband gives alimony of several lakhs/ crores and  lakhs/ thousands rupees as maintenance for many years. Is this justice?

3.       All women who file fake cases must be severely punished. These false cases are taking away huge time of our courts and judges.

4.       Husbands who are slapped with fake cases, must be invariably compensated by the wives for the loss of their youth, money, jobs, respect, dignity, harassments in the police stations, for wrong jail confinements, bribes demanded and taken by the police and the court staff, exorbitant fees charged by the lawyers. I have paid one lakh to the lawyer just for anticipatory bail for just one person. I know one victim had to pay Rs 5 lakhs to a lawyer just to get illegally confiscated passport released, as he had to join for duty abroad.

5.       For NRIs, give them chance to prove their innocence by email, whatsapp, video conferencing, don’t drag them to India, don’t put LOC, let them retain their jobs, approve appointing of legal counsel by soft copy of the vakalatnama. Give easy entry and exit after attending any court hearing. Don’t drag their innocent parents, sisters, brothers and other family members, when the wife has spent her marital life only with him in a foreign land.

6.       Let the police investigate thoroughly, and look into all the evidences before filing FIR.

In Karnataka and many other states, there is no family welfare committee, directly police are threatening arrest, the moment the wife puts a complaint. As per the supreme court order, investigation by FWC is must. Yet it is not followed.

7.       Allow clubbing of all matrimonial cases- why label them civil, criminal etc, when the allegations are same in all cases.

8.       Let the courts give hearing  dates in convenient suitable manner for husband and his family, facing many cases, in different courts in the same city to finish them , in 2-3 consecutive dates, especially when they have to travel a lot of distance – even several hundreds of kilometers. Allow videoconferencing of all such distant court cases.

9.       Issue and renewal of passport must not be stopped till the allegations are established or there is prima facie evidence. The dictum is innocent till proven guilty must be followed. Change the passport application form to ask, if there is any conviction in matrimonial case and not ask if there are any criminal cases filed. Politicians can even become MLA/MP/Minister, even if the criminal cases are going on, why not give the same benefit to the ordinary common man?

10.   Corrupt police officers must be punished severely , demoted, made to compensate the victim from their salary, for blindly filing FIRs and charge sheets and demanding bribes to cancel FIRs and Charge sheets.

11.   There must be uniformity and precise guidelines for calculation for any maintenance, alimony, to be followed by all the courts in all the states. This should not be left to whims and fancies of the judges. There are many women biased judges. They should not be allowed run riot in giving judgements to their satisfaction. The actual condition of the hapless husband should be fully kept in mind if there is any maintenance to be given. There should not be interim maintenance and that should be given only when the charges are proved. Even if it is awarded, it should be from the date of the order and not from the date of application.

12.   There should be clear guidelines for child visitation rights, as many fathers love their children and should be given adequate and convenient timings. Women alone are not best child care givers. They can be worst. Let the children share their time with both father and mother equally.

13.   Implementation of Jury system.

14.   As in European & Western countries, audio/video recording is done.  The same must be implemented from Trial Courts through Sessions Courts, High Courts & Supreme Court, for each & every case.

15.   Also it is very important to point out that 498A, DV cases are COMPOUNDABLE offense in Andhra Pradesh, why it is not implemented in other States of India?  Please immediately make it COMPOUNDABLE offense for other States across India.


With regards,


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