Injured Canadian Veterans Disability Pension Suspended For Being a Whistleblower.

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I am a Canadian Veteran who was injured multiple times during my service to Canada. I am suffering from the long term consequences of those injuries. Denied access to treatment and benefits in accordance with the law for all but one injury. For the second year in a row, I've had that one small VAC disability pension suspended for being a whistleblower. My Registered Letters to PM Justin Trudeau outlining my allegations against VAC have never been responded to. The allegations against VAC have not been dealt with in a meaningful fashion to date. Reprisals have followed since filing my grievances with The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman, The Minister of Veterans Affairs, and PM Justin Trudeau. The paper trail leads directly to the Prime Ministers Office.

In the past I noticed financial irregularities with some prescription claims submitted by certain local Pharmacists to VAC for reimbursement. I reported these questionable claims immediately to VAC, on multiple occasions. VAC staff were not interested in taking action. The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman whitewashed their investigation, and then denied me access to disclosure on four separate requests. The Ombudsman Guy Parent, refused to provide me with protection from the reprisals that followed from VAC as a direct result of filing a grievance with his office. The Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada refused to answer my questions or provide assistance. PM Justin Trudeau hasn't bothered to officially respond to me regarding my allegations regarding VAC. Not even a form letter with a stamped signature. The only response to date has been VAC's direct actions in suspending my disability pension, and the refusal to process my additional disability claims for proven service related injuries. This constitutes a breach of trust by PM Justin Trudeau, and his subordinate staff in my opinion. 

The unlawful suspension of my disability pension has cause me extreme financial hardship. In addition, VAC has now denied me due process. My claims for treatment and benefits for other service related injuries have been dismissed arbitrarily, with no opportunity to appeal provided. VAC has now ordered the Bureau of Pension Advocates to unlawfully withdraw their support of my claims. The Bureau, and it's lawyers are supposed to be free from political interference in their legal representation of injured Veterans like myself who can't afford private legal services.  As a result, I now have no lawyer to represent me, and cannot afford a lawyer. I am in the process of losing my home of the last 15 years. I've had my telephone disconnected, and can no longer pay my bills in large part as a result of having my VAC disability pension unlawfully suspended for the second time in July of 2018. VAC has not made any attempt to contact me in writing by mail, over the phone[when it was still connected], or by email. My pleas for financial assistance to the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency have been ignored. Apparently the PMO has seen to it that no government agency is to respond to my pleas for assistance. Be advised, even the Department of National Defence Ombudsman is refusing to conduct an investigation into my allegations. Even though they too are aware of the mountains of physical evidence to prove my allegations.

My VAC disability pension is paid as a matter of right, not privilege! I should not be subjected to reprisals, have to endure extreme financial hardships, and harassment for simply reporting financial irregularities. Reporting through the chain of command in accordance with proper procedures to VAC, The Office of The Veterans Ombudsman, The Minister for Veterans Affairs, and especially to PM Justin Trudeau. PM Justin Trudeau knows, or should have known, that suspending my disability pension and refusing me due process to teach me a lesson about reporting an alleged crime within a federal government department was a violation of my rights, and the law.

I wish to have my VAC Disability Pension reinstated immediately. With retroactive compensation for the months my pension has been unlawfully suspended, and interest on that money to also be paid. I demand an end to the alleged criminal harassment from PM Justin Trudeau, and The Minister of Veterans Affairs. An end to the yearly unlawful suspension of my disability pension, and an end to the unlawful refusal to process and hear my applications for treatment and benefits for proven service related injuries. 

I served Canada with honour. I deserve to be treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect. In accordance with the laws of our nation. I shouldn't be penalized for reporting misconduct. I don't think that's too much to ask. Thank you for your support of my petition!