Jacinda Ardern;What an AMAZING& LOVING leader. Thank you from all the peace loving Muslims

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As a Muslim living in Australia I must say that me, my family and relatives are absolutely amazed to see the New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern lead the way in the public media showing her love and support to the Muslim community and families who suffered during this massacre.

Jacinda Ardern is such an amazing leader who we believe has lead the way with beautiful actions that creates love and peace in our community and country.

Her loving actions have made me, my family and relatives wish that many world leaders follow her footsteps as this is the key in achieving peace.

The fact that she took a very HUMBLE and LOVING stand has created so much love for New Zealanders.

We don't know much about New Zealanders but after seeing Jacinda in the media we love the New Zealand people so much.

You are blessed to have such an amazing leader.

We hope the whole world adopts this beautiful loving leadership.

THANK YOU Jacinda Ardern !

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