Time to strengthen the Primary and Secondary education in Public schools

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And out of curiosity as a child I asked my mother "Where did you study?". She was engrossed in her daily chores and she took a moment to answer. Meanwhile I was expecting some fancy name like the name of some English person. "Arya Kanya inter college", she interrupted my thoughts. I asked her to repeat the name as it took me a while to help my ears take in what she did just say. I know a lot of us can relate this to our parents. The public schools then used to be a norm. Teachers were dedicated to their jobs. Education was a comparatively cheaper service. Books were easy to afford. And believe me she is a lady of 60 years now and she still remembers her teachers' names. On the top of that, she taught me Sanskrit and teaches the same to her grand daughter (who is 11 years) now. This was our education system. Look at what we have done to out own future and to our kids. No one remembers what we have studied till 10th and so UPSC exam is so tough to crack!!!

Where World Bank report suggests a PPP model in India  (http://www.worldbank.org/en/news/feature/2011/09/20/education-in-india we only believe in "Pvt. Model". Its time to change. And yes, not every child is an defence kid who can secure an admission in a better curated KVs. We are kids from a middle class family who simply demands a cheaper and quality education by better qualified teachers (and not anyone who is a B.Ed, who said an M.Com/an MBA/ an MSc can't teach in schools) which is the duty of the state. We do not just want to be a source for income to the private schools.