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Free Benton Mackenzie

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What transpired in the conviction of my Son, Ben, and my Daughter in Law, Loretta, I feel was a gross injustice. His excellent lawyer was conveniently removed and arbitrarily replaced by the court.  Court procedure was far from any other I have witnessed. Where else does the prosecution start and finish, leaving the defense in the middle? As the prosecutor said "This is the real deal" but the jury missed the grave doubts presented by Loretta's and Cody's defense attorneys. The accused was not allowed to offer any defense under threat of contempt of court and immediate jail. Scott county got its conviction and now the court could show Mercy!  Allow my Son to go to Oregon where he can treat his cancer with this illegal in Iowa - legal in Oregon substance that has kept him alive for well over 4 years.  Incarceration for only 6 weeks last year moved the cancer from stage 1 to stage 4 and he is now on Hospice. What more can you do to him, his Wife and his Son?

His loving father. 

Chuck Mackenzie
22 Year Special Forces Veteran.


Ben, my Son, has always been a multitalented innovator with experience and training in alternate health care methods, herbs and vitamins, etc - so it was inevitable that when he discovered that he had cancer he would look into alternative solutions.  What he found was the amazing health benefits of the herb cannabis.  Problem is - our government decided unconstitutionally that they don't want people to get high and made it illegal - totally ignoring the fact of it's healing properties.  So now - because he couldn't afford to "illegally" buy the plants - he grew them in order to keep his deadly, aggressive cancer under control.  Couldn't grow enough to treat it as aggressively as he needed to but he did keep it under control - for 4 years when the life expectancy of folks with this kind of cancer is little more than 2 years!!  When the "justice" system took his plants away, put him in jail for 6 weeks - the cancer exploded on his bum and now - a year later - it has taken over his whole right backside with tumors the sizes of grapefruit on down to marbles - getting bigger and spreading!!!  He is now on hospice because it's gone so far that it's probably too late for this healing herb to be able to reverse it!!!  In other words - the "justice" system in Scott county during a trial where he was not allowed to defend himself has conspired to execute my son for growing his own medicine!!!  Not only is this a misscarriage of justice - it's anti-American to the very core and only God can stop it!!!  That being said - we need to make our voices heard - as in "We the people..."!!!  The government is supposed to be working for and protecting us from enemies without and within - problem is - the enemies within are the very government officials who are supposed to be our protectors!!! This does not mean we rise with anything but our voices - loud and clear!!!

Benton's Mother, Dorothy Mackenzie

Charges were dropped against Benton's Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Mackenzie of "running a drug house".

Thanks to public and social media support.

Mr. Mackenzie has not received his guns back after they were taken in this abusively staged raid.


This is my family and there has been a gross misuse of power and perversion of "justice". If you are not willing to speak up for someone else then there will be no one left when they come for you!

Benton's Sister Marjorie Mackenzie-Jesse


Because he is my Husband of twenty-two years and I love him more than life itself. He has so much love and truth to offer the human race. Benton is a former Naturopathic Physicians Assistant with expertise in clinical procedure. He tested strains that worked, tested himself with cannabis oil and has shared his success and information with people that could benefit from it. He also juiced the fresh leaves which gave him vitality he hasn't known in years! This could change the world! He didn't cost the Iowa taxpayer a cent to make his own anti-tumor medicine. He's a remarkable and resourceful man. All I ask of Scott County attorneys office is to save face with the public by overturning the guilty verdict and allowing him to move to Oregon where he can treat himself legally and live to help others. Please don't kill my Husband.

Benton's Wife Loretta.

Loretta was found guilty along with Benton and their Son. She faces 3 - 5 years in prison.


On June 21st 2013 a 20+ person SWAT Team busted into the home of a well known Cancer Patient in a corruptive display of force headed by Dan Furlong with Scott County Law Enforcement.

The Jury is highly suspected of being intentionally compromised.

The Jurisdictional process leaves no question to the unethical and malepractices of Scott County Jurisdiction, violating every Code of Conduct.

Benton and his Wife Loretta were found guilty on 4 counts.

Manufacturing Marijuana, Conspiracy, Violation of the Drug Tax Stamp Act and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Benton faces a mandatory minimum of 3 years in prison for a known medicine.

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