Employers evading payments of employees hard earned money

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We worked for a company called Idhasoft Limited Pune, head office in Vashi Navi Mumbai for 3 years. From July 2014, Idhasoft started paying salary in installments saying they do not have funds.  In January 2015, we started hearing the news of company being sold to DSR group of Dilip Sanghvi, who happens to be owner of Sun Pharma. In May 2015, i resigned and started serving Notice period of two months. During that time, many guys resigned and Management of DSR group started taking decisions and communications to Idhasoft employees. One day i got a call from m Jibi John, DSR india operations head. He started shouting and threatened to spoil my career if i leave the organization. I told him I've decided to move out then he called HR and IT to revoke all my access with immediate effect and HR asked me to leave immediately.

Not to stretch it more, i left and HR promised me that i would get all my experience and relieving letters by mail and my full and final(FnF)  settlement would be done in 45 days as standard process. I got the letters but not money which amounted to 1.2 lakhs. After a lot of follow up they wrote back to me and others who resigned in that period that they shall disburse the FnF in installments and starting with August 2015. They paid one installment of 20,000/- but after neither did they pay nor respond to any mail or call. They did the same with at least 7-8 employees or more.

I want to urge every indian employee who puts in so much effort for his work and organization but organization cheats them in daylight  and no one is there to penalize such cheats.

We want Idhasoft, DSR or Sunpharma to pay back our hard earned money.

This is not happening in India with one company or a few employees  rather it's been the story of many. The organizations think that they can do all this as no one is there to penalize them.