End the Reservation System in India

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If you can just see the issue below we can understand why India is still developing when we say 25% of doctors in US are Indians and 30% of Scientists in NASA are Indians do we think why ? well read this post and you will understand, Let us join our hands together and make the reservation system a history.


My score :190 (I Studied 12 hours a day)

His score :87 (He Studied 2 hours a day)

Yes , we share same college.

College Fees,

I pay INR 30,200/semester. (My family income is less then 5 lacs)

He pays INR 6,600/semester. (His both parents are earning)

Yes, we share same hostel.

Mess Fees,

I pay INR 15000/semester.

He pays INR 15000/semester which is almost reimbursed.

Yes, we share same mess.

Pocket Money,

I spend INR 5000/month (Earned by taking tuition's and some from my dad )

He spends INR 10000/month (Scholarship)

Yes, we share parties.

CAT 2015,

My score : 99 percentile. (Expecting a miscall from IIM)

His score : 63 percentile. (Selected at IIM Ahemedabad)

Yes, I taught him aptitude and reasoning.

OIL Campus recruitement,

Me : Rejected. (My OGPA 8.1)

He : selected. (His OGPA 6.9)

Yes, we studied same course.

Gate Score,

My score : 39.66 (Disqualified and hence no scholarship of INR 1,68,000. )

His score : 26 (Qualified and gets additional scholarship.)

Yes, we shared same notes.

Who am I?

A student from General Category in India.

Doesn't he have two legs to walk?

Doesn't he have a hand to write?

Doesn't he have a mouth to speak?

Doesn't he have a brain to think?

Why aren't we treated equal then?

This is one of the main reason for India to still remain as a "DEVELOPING" country!

All the deserving people move out of India to do their higher studies as they have a better opporunity there rather than here. There are numerous examples for the same and there will be more if RESERVATION system is not changed! So friends let us all fight for the DESERVED rather than fighting for the RESERVED. Say No To Reservation

I think this sums up what is wrong with India. Today, people are on the roads and killing others because Supreme Court has made amendments to the SC/ST act. This hooliganism is what is wrong. People in this country have become addicted to free services and reserved seats and they want reservations every now and then and they can go to any means to make their demands met. We can see the example of rioting and burning national properties by the so called jobless who wants to get a job not because they have something unique to give but because they have been born in a certain caste and religion.