PM David Cameron (@David_Cameron): Keep your promise to our military & let my husband have his pension

A mere "Thank you" from the Nation is not enough. These men and women represent all that is good, strong and dependable within the various borders of the UK, the Commonwealth and NATO. They have been asked to defend our Queen and all of us with their lives, if necessary.
It is a small price Mr Prime Minister, for you who should be the "first" of amongst us to bravely say "thank you" and reward those same men and women with a pay and dignity which befits our Nation. They have more than earned any monetary rewards be it pension or redundancy pay outs, but withholding any such rewards is nothing but petty, derisory and an insult to those who have served us.
Ministers are not denied pensions nor will you be when your ministerial duties cease, so why then should they??? Parliaments come and go, Parties change as the Voters dictate. What would be the Nation's reply be to an elected Government which treats these very defenders with contempt???
A question I'm sure you Mr Prime Minister will never want to ask.
Give them their pensions, give them their dignity. Shame on him who makes them ask.....

Linda Dopson, London, ENG, United Kingdom
8 years ago
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