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A student studies whole year for Mcat and in the end there are so much uncertain changes made in the policy, can't the officials decide all of this before? Now there would be 2 tests, what if a person scores 100 in Sindh mcat, 50% aggregate according to his marks would be just 25. And if he scores 120 In Nmdcat lets suppose, then the 50% aggregate would be 30, so 30+25 would be just 55, which is not even enough to secure admission in Bds. Secondly according to Pmc's policy, the admissions won't be domicile based, means Punjab students who would have aggregate 80+ would take admissions in all the universities of Sindh. Then where will the students of Sindh go? What will they do? And why did we even went to colleges, did inter or A levels, studied for 2 years ended up getting our equivalence, all of our hardship got wasted? Why is it always Sindh to suffer ?